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Why Nintendo Will Stand When The Rest Fall


Don’t Think Nintendo Doesn’t Have It In Them!

I know, I know. The last article I wrote didn’t really go over in Nintendo’s favor. I called them Cowards! I stand by that for the most part. I called them cowards because I know that Nintendo is better than what they have shown us this past year and a half. I called them cowards because if someone has something special about them that if shared, would definitely benefit the world yet they decide to stifle their own potential due to fear and lack of confidence, I believe they are deserving of the title of coward. That person should still try! I believe Nintendo is that person. I believe that Nintendo has something so unique to share with the world and every inch they give up to Sony and Microsoft is such a tragedy because that means more people will now be turned away from getting to know the Nintendo that I grew up with. This cannot continue. Nintendo must dig down deep inside and pull out the desire to compete. Here is why.

Family First


In Life, This Is What Really Matters. 

Ever since Nintendo released very first home console, the NES, it was evident that they were all about family. In case you weren’t in the know, the Japanese name for the original NES was Famicom. It means “Family Computer”. As you know Nintendo went on to create the Super NES or Super Famicom as it is known in Japan. Throughout Nintendo’s entire gaming history they have always been about bringing families together in the living room. All of Nintendo’s characters appeal to children, teenagers, and adults. Nintendo’s IP’s are meant to be enjoyed by a wide demographic, not just older ones. I like to refer to Nintendo as the Walt Disney of the gaming industry. You loved Disneyland as a kid, right? Going there was almost like a magical experience for lack of a better word. Even as an adult the magic really never fades away. It doesn’t matter what age you are, I feel Nintendo is the exact same way. For the young and young at heart there is Mario and everything Mario related. You can be a 7 year old kid or a 17 year old young man and still enjoy the pure fun there is to be had when playing a Mario title. I’m much older than 17 and I still love to visit the Mushroom Kingdom to defeat Bowser and the Princess. The experience is even much more meaningful now that I am a father and I can watch my kids play together and see the smiles on their faces. It is simply priceless.

No other console manufacture strives for this level of family fun. Sony and Microsoft try there hardest to cater to the most “core” of the hardcore gaming crowd. Much like the gaming media, Sony and Microsoft see family gaming as “kiddie”. I mean, how many times has Nintendo been accused of creating kiddie games in the last decade alone? The truth is no other developer can capture both the young and older markets like Nintendo. I often compare Nintendo’s approach to software creation to that of Pixar and the way that they can create a movie that will immediately attract kids while still having enough emotional impact to make a grown man cry. Pixar and Nintendo have a few things in common. When you look at Mario what do you see? A brightly colored character who runs and jumps through a brightly colored world full of sights and sounds that would attract the attention of any child with a set of senses. When you move beyond the visuals then you begin to uncover a gameplay experience so rich that several Mario titles have been rated and referred to as the greatest game of all time.

My point is this. It’s not Nintendo’s job to create mature content. Its not Nintendo’s job to cater to those gamers that have “grown up”. However, it is Nintendo’s job to preserve its legacy of amazing content that like no other can create such an amazing atmosphere fit for families of all sizes and ages. With Nintendo there is something for everyone. Nintendo caters to the youngest child to the oldest person with experiences like catching little critters called Poke’mon, to exploring the Tolkeinesque land of Hyrule in the Legend of Zelda. What you won’t find is sex, profanity and violence. That’s just not Nintendo’s style and I’m thankful for that.

I understand that Sony broadened the gaming demographic with the very first Playstation and as a result, gaming is enjoyed by men and women in their late 20’s all the way up to their early 40’s. Lets not forget about the generations that are coming after us gamers that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Lets remember that our kids deserve to be able to play games that aren’t filled with goals that require you to blow someones head off from across the map or sneak up behind another player and snap his neck. I know that I can let my kids play on a Nintendo platform while I’m out of the room and feel confident that they won’t be exposed to anything that their little eyes cant handle.

Its All About The Gameplay Experience


Innovation Or Gimmick?

Say what you want about Nintendo and the Wii U but one thing you can not deny is that Nintendo has a strict focus on gameplay experience. You may think the Wii U Gamepad is a gimmick but it’s clear that when Nintendo designed it they had in mind the unique ways that gamers could potentially interact with the game they are playing. Dating all the way back to the original NES Nintendo was always thinking about control and how it effects the player experience. From adding more buttons, to less buttons all the way to motion controlled gaming, Nintendo is all about re-thinking what it means to control your game.

Zombie U is a perfect example. Yes I know the critics weren’t so nice to this title but I don’t think ever wanted it to succeed in the first place. Zombi U required the player to use the gamepad to interact with the environment while being mindful of the dangers on the tv screen. Using the gamepad as a virtual backpack, the player must rummage through it to find an item while being exposed to any potential dangers lurking on screen. While in this state, the player would be somewhat helpless until the virtual backpack was closed. Now some reviewers claimed that this process broke the experience for them because it felt out of place to look down at the gamepad and then have to lift your eyes to look at the tv screen. What a lazy thing to say. Its not like they had to look in a different direction or get up and start flailing their arms or something like that. This is to be expected though. In a generation of gamers and journalist more fixated on system specs, how could anyone expect them to admire anything that only benefits gameplay?

For the most part, gamers today only care about the level of graphical fidelity that a game displays. Hardly do I ever hear an argument over what game controls better than another or what game is more fun to play. Don’t believe me then just go on any gaming related message board and see for yourself. Everyone is worried about what console does 1080p and what console runs games at 60fps? All this is going on while Nintendo is focusing on gameplay. The fortunate thing about Nintendo’s development teams is that their games speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter what resolution they run at because regardless, they look awesome. It doesn’t matter what fps they run at because regardless, they run awesome. While Sony and Microsoft try and outdo each other, Nintendo just sticks to business as usual. In some cases that is a bad thing I will admit, but in the case of gameplay it is the best course of action for them.

No Money, Mo’ Problems


Real Talk…

The Gaming industry seems to be in a bit of a transition and I’m not sure if it is entirely for the better. Don’t get me wrong, change is definitely good but something else seems to be going on. Publishers and developers seem to be closing their doors left and right and even the “Big Three”  seem to be taking some hits. Now I won’t make this about who’s got more cash than who, that’s not my point. My point is that there is a bad trend in the gaming industry that really became noticeable within the last 4 or 5 years. Lets take Capcom for instant. Capcom is one of the most talented and beloved developers in gaming history yet they seem to be on the verge of closing their doors. Why? For one, taking a beloved franchise like Resident Evil and pouring an unnecessary amount of money and resource into changing the franchise into “The next big thing” was definitely a blow to Capcom and its fans. Speaking of fans lets talk about DLC. On disc DLC anyone? How about what overcharging for crap that should already be in the initial purchase of a game? Look at what Kojima just did with Metal Gear! $30 dollars for a over glorified demo! THQ is gone! Irrational Games is gone with the hopes of restarting with a new studio focused on digital downloads. Why? For one, fans are getting hooked on what I am now referring to as the “Fast Food” of gaming syndrome. They rush out and buy these yearly iterations of games that are barely different from what they bought the year before and instead of waiting for something better to come along, gamers buy these titles out of habit. What happens when the sales start to slip for one of these franchises? I’ll tell you. The publisher becomes Capcom or Square-Enix. How is it that Square can sell 6 million copies of Tomb Raider and not turn a profit? Developers try and cram as much over the top audio, visual filler into these games as possible instead of just relying on gameplay, all of which requires bigger teams and more resources which in turn results in more risk. When the risk isn’t outweighed by the reward then we begin to see companies file for bankruptcy, and even close their doors entirely.

My belief is that if developers created games with a greater emphasis on gameplay over graphics then the quality of that game would sell itself. Nintendo has often talked about their approach to game development versus the way most developers tackle game creation. When you look at behind the scenes documentaries on the matter, you often see developers try and sell you on concept art and high quality character models and environments. They often go into how grand the story will be and so on. While there is nothing really wrong with this approach it does bring up an interesting point. Using this logic, one would come to the conclusion that most developers fancy visuals and grand spectacle over gameplay. Nintendo’s approach to game development is quite different. First, Nintendo nails the core gameplay element that will be featured in a particular game. They make sure that they have a fun, unique and interesting gameplay structure that will hook the gamer and bring them into the experience. Once they have solved how the game will play, they can begin to decide what franchise would best be suited to this style of gameplay. So a game may start out as an idea for a Zelda title but could turn out to be the next Mario or Metroid.

What does this all mean? I’m glad you asked. Nintendo is often seen as being cheap and unwilling to take risks but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact I believe they take more risks than anyone else, that more likely than not, end up resulting in huge rewards for Nintendo. Because of Nintendo’s focus on gameplay, gamers know what to expect from them. I personally don’t know any gamer that says they will wait until they see the review of the next Zelda before they buy it. It’s Nintendo’s proven track record when it comes to software quality ensures that gamers have no problems “blind” buying their software. Nintendo’s software tends to sell steadily over long periods of time resulting in the price of that software retaining its value. How often do you see price drops for Nintendo titles? Not often at all. So while other companies pump out sequel after sequel as they watch the value of their IP’s steadily decline along with  revenue, Nintendo takes a slow surgical approach ensuring that the quality of their games as well as the revenue generated from them retains its consistency resulting in a healthy business.

That’s All Folks

Now don’t get me wrong. Like I said before, Nintendo has their work cut our for them. The Wii U seems to be all but a failure if the mainstream gaming media is anything to go by and Iwata seems to be unaware of how to fix Nintendo’s misfortunes. I’ve already spoken in the past about how I feel Nintendo let Sony come into the industry and punk them out of their market share, and why Nintendo needs to compete directly with the Playstation brand. It’s no secret that Nintendo dropped the ball this generation. Horrible marketing efforts as well as inferior hardware are just a few of their problems.

With that said, Nintendo is still the king of software, and the “Once and Future King” of the gaming industry. Even with the Wii U not selling as well as everyone hoped it would, Nintendo can and will still release what will eventually be considered some of the greatest games this generation will probably ever see. No matter what missteps Nintendo has taken this generation, none of it should detract from the fact that as a company, Nintendo holds a higher moral standard than what is expected from an entertainment company. Nintendo should still be applauded for going after the family unit. Nintendo’s efforts to get the next generation of the young as well as the old into gaming should not go unnoticed. The fact that Nintendo refuses to dump unnecessary amounts of money and resources into making a “cookie cutter” title should be praised by the industry. Nintendo uses business practices that while may seem ancient and out of touch, has kept them alive and strong for over 100 years. Yes, they need to adopt some of the more current trends. Yes, they need to pay more attention to what their competitors are doing, just not at the expense of loosing what makes Nintendo…Nintendo. They are a family run company that focuses on family. I have more respect for them as a multii-billion dollar corporation then I probably ever will for any other billion dollar corporation that focuses on entertainment. I truly believe that when the dust settles, Nintendo will still be around doing thier thing long after that inevitable day passes when Sony and Microsoft both bow out of the gaming industry to pursue other business ventures.

One last thing. There is this notion that if you play games on a Nintendo platform then your somehow a “man child” or you need to “grow up”. Have you ever thought to yourself that the very fact that you play videogames as a grown man, that this means you are a man child that needs to grow up? Now I believe that videogames were meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages but if your going to have that sort of attitude towards one corner of gaming than have that attitude towards all of it. Include yourself, ok?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest article, I hope it was a good read for you. Come back soon, thanks.





Time To Hang Up The Gloves, Nintendo?


I will keep this one short and sweet. Nintendo is not who they used to be. The Nintendo we all grew up with has changed from being the gaming industries prize fighter to an old legend desperately trying to hold on to glory. All is not lost. This former champ definitely has what it takes to step back in the ring with the competition and regain the title. It won’t be easy. Nintendo’s training regiment needs an overhaul. They must get stronger. They must get faster and hit harder and above all, they must find the heart to once again compete with Microsoft and Sony. It feels as if Nintendo has already given up on that fight but if things continue to go the way that they are going then Nintendo may have to consider retirement.



Once The Greatest

Like boxing is to combat sports, Nintendo is to the world of gaming. Boxing is known as the “sweet science”. Nintendo is known as the “innovator”. As a fan of boxing, i can appreciate  this beautiful art and as someone who has strapped on the gloves a numerous times i can also appreciate the skill involved as well. Nintendo is just like the great sport of Boxing in that they are the oldest gaming company around and have accumulated much respect over their long life. Millions have lined up to buy Nintendo’s consoles much like millions at home watched the great fights of the sport of Boxing. At one point in time, Mario was even more recognizable than Disney’s famous rodent, Mickey Mouse. At one point in time the mere mention of the name Nintendo sparked excitement among gamer’s. Just as with Boxing, though,  some things never stay the same.

Like Boxing, Nintendo is loosing fans rapidly. Sure, the most hardcore fans remain (The smart ones i might add) but like Boxing, the excitement seems to have died down. Less and less fight fans talk about the Sport of Boxing like they used to. Equally less and less gamer’s talk about Nintendo like they used to. It would seem as if the gamer’s who grew up with Nintendo are the ones displaying unwavering loyalty much like  older fight fans are with Boxing. It would also seem that as with the sport of Boxing, the younger generations could care less. And by younger i mean tweens and young adults in their twenties. So what do they care about these days?



This Is How Sony And Microsoft Battle It Out!

Mixed Martial Arts. Or MMA to the uninitiated. MMA is one of the fastest growing sports and like MMA, Sony and Microsoft have a hold on the 20 something year old demographic. When you ask people why they prefer MMA to Boxing you pretty much get a unanimous sentiment. “Boxing is boring”. “MMA fighters are more complete”. MMA is more exciting”. Although i think its complete BS, must people may agree. In fact when you look at why most gamer’s today choose Xbox and Playstation over Nintendo you also see a similar sentiment. People say that Nintendo is stuck in the past and they don’t innovate anymore. People don’t seem to want the familiar experiences from Nintendo even though they have brought them joy in the past.  Boxers stick to punching and Nintendo sticks to Mareio, Zeldo and Metroid etc. On the other hand MMA brings knees to the face, takedowns, ground and pounds and chokes. This is very exciting to newcomers who watch the fight game. To Some, MMA brings advancements to the fight game that the sport of Boxing can’t match.  Likewise with Sony and Microsofts machines you get exciting new advancements in tech  capable of rendering visuals that Nintendo’s last and current console clearly can’t match. Like it or not visuals are what attract people to games just like the violent blood shed of a cage fight attracts younger fight fans today.

Simply put, people want more. There was a time when using your fists was enough to entertain the fight audiences around the world  just like good solid gameplay used to be enough to entertain gamer’s. Now fight fans want blood and brutal knockouts. Gamer’s want over the top set pieces with explosions and head shots. They want cutting edge visuals complete with realistic army dogs. The old ways are not enough anymore. People are moving on. Boxing and Nintendo are being forgotten.



The Oldest Fighter To Ever Win A World Title

Boxing can still draw an enormous crowd and generate revenue that MMA wished it could duplicate. MMA has no fighter with the draw power of Mayweather or Paquio and old fight fans still come out in droves to support what i call the greatest combat sport on the planet. Similarly, neither Sony or Microsoft have an IP with the selling power of Mario or Zelda. Gaming fans of the 80’s and older still turn up to support the greatest software company in gaming and like Bernard Hopkins they are not out of it yet. Nintendo just needs to adjust its fight strategy. They need to be more aggressive. Here are my keys to success for Nintendo going forward


I believe that if Nintendo can do these things than they can have a comeback story like Bernard Hopkins and regain their title. Nintendo may in fact need new leadership since it seems Iwata spends most of his time apologizing for mistakes (which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong) and we have yet to see him really improve on any of them. Nintendo’s reputation is hurting. I don’t even know if i will ever purchase another Nintendo console day one again because of how they handled the Wii U. Nintendo’s only saving grace is to make this console the best damn first party machine they have ever created. They can salvage this mess but they have to do a hell of a lot more than what they are currently doing. Boxing needs to change the way it’s perceived. They need to make sure that people know they are still relevant. Nintendo needs to do the same.

So, as always…What makes WII U MAD?


Microsoft E3 Press conference Impressions



Well, Microsoft just wrapped up its E3 conference and there are some interesting things i want to discuss. Sit back and enjoy.


Before Microsoft got into it’s Xbox One line up it announced a new smaller and quieter Xbox 360 model. The new model has a very similar look to the new Xbox One in terms of the look of the box. Microsoft also announced a couple of titles for the 360 including World of Tanks and Dark Sould II


Microsoft unveiled quite a few games today. Forza 5, Ryse,TitanF and the return of Killer Instinct were all shown off today. Here is the deal. With the exception of the titles i just metioned, Microsoft barely showed off any gameplay for most of the games it showed off today. What was shown did give us a look at what we can expect from the next gen in the years to come.

Forza looked really good. Driving games tend to push the visual boundaries and this game was no different.

Ryse is a title set in an ancient Rome style setting were you take control of a roman warrior who has the ability to control sections of his army. They can form together in a line and raise their shields to block incoming arrows or draw spears and send them flying at enemies in unison. Visualy the game was inpressive, boasting really amazing looking character models and lighting. This game definitely screamed “next gen”

TitanF is the new game by Respawn entertainment who are know for their work on the Modern Warfare games. This game is standard FPS fare except for the giant mechs that drop into the action, letting you jump into the cockpit and command in battle. TitanF didn’t quite have that “next gen” pop that i was looking for but it looked good.

Killer Instinct was the biggest surprise, though. Gameplay was shown featuring Jago vs Saberwolf and it looked pretty good. It actually reminded me a little bit of Street Fighter 4 in terms of its visual design. It didn’t quite blow me away in terms of graphics but gameplay is what counts. The fighting looked fast and fun and it will be interesting to see if Rare can recapture the magic with the Killer Instinct franchise.

The coolest thing was probably the first gameplay reveal of Metal Gear Solid v. It looked amazing. Character models were unbelievable. I can’t wait to see this game in action.

Everything else was pretty much boring. You had Ea show up and demo Shooter number 300 or aka Battlefield 4. It looked good of course, but in terms of gameplay it featured the same old run and gun and explosion filled mayhem that your used to from these types of shooters. Most of everything else was showed off in very brief CGI trailers which made no sense and you even had some kinect and Smart Glass games shown off. It wasn’t a bad showing, just no amazing.


DRM questions? Microsoft gave no answers. Used game questions? Microsoft gave no answers. Microsoft completely ignored these topics probably because there is no amount of damage control they can do to justify 24hour online check-in’s because don’t forget if your not connected you can’t play your games.


$499.00 was the announced price for the XBoxOne. I don’t know about you guys but i feel that might be too expensive. When you consider that nothing that was shown was so revolutionary that you had to have it, a 500 dollar price point might be somewhat of a stretch. A big stretch. We will have to see what Sony does will their price point


Microsoft confirmed that the XBoxOne will release in November.


Overall i thought the Microsoft XBox One conference lacked a major component needed to get me on board with the console. DRM. Microsoft didn’t address this issue at all. Why is it so important you ask? It’s important because it is unfair to ask gamer’s to spend $500 dollars on a console that can’t be played offline. Think about the amount of money gamer’s are going to have to pour into the Xbox One. There is the initial $500 dollars to buy the console. You will need to have an internet connection do factor in what ever amount you pay for online in your home. You will also need to continue to pay for XBLA Gold. Look, im not an Xbox or a Microsoft fan by any stretch of the imagination but i was hoping Microsoft could pull of something special for the gamer’s. The Xbox One seems like its a box made for publishers and greedy developers. I’m not spending $500 dollars for any console, period. Videogames are not worth that much. Not today, not ever. You saw what happened to the PS3 when it launched at that ridiculous price. Who has that kind of money. I will be surprised if the XBox One sells well.

I give this Conference a solid C grade

As usual, let me know your thoughts on the subject and i want to know what makes Wii U Mad?


DRM Will Ruin The Gaming Industry


Microsoft and Sony want you to take it like a man

Before i dive in let me just say this…Buy a Wii U. It’s a gaming console for gamer’s with no DRM drama. With a Wii U, you can have the freedom of buying and selling used games at your leisure. DRM is a joke. When you buy a game it should be yours. You buy it. You own it. You can sell it. Period. Buy a Wii U.


DRM sucks. Period. There are too many examples of why forcing DRM on gamer’s is a bad thing. Just look at what happened to Sim City and Diablo 3. DRM does nothing but cause head aches for gamer’s, not to mention  not everyone has an online internet connection. So what about them? According to a group known as Akamai, a “state of the internet” report was done by them and found that the U.S. placed 8th among the top ten countries with high internet speeds with an average of 7.4 mbps. Really? 7 megs a second isn’t what i would call adequate for intense online gaming sessions.

Here is that link:


Lets talk about always online for a second. Microsoft is treating the Xbone like it just got out on parole. 24 hour check in’s will become routine for anyone who owns Microsoft’s newest console.  What happens when your internet goes out? Oh, you can watch Netflix so it’s ok. What the hell! I understand that most households are connected to the internet, that’s not the problem. The problem is being forced to be connected. Remember that dumb-ass tweet by that one Microsoft employee who taunted everyone who didn’t agree with always online? He talked about phones having to be always on or something? Anyways my point is even though you cant make calls or surf the internet without some sort of connection at least the apps you downloaded still work. You can still play your games. With Microsoft forcing gamer’s to be online to play a single player game just doesn’t make sense. Oh wait, your thinking that i’m jumping to conclusions and i should wait until E3, huh? Then what about Used games?

Microsoft apparently hates them. We all know the real deal with the used games market, right? It’s the greedy-ass publishers like EA who want to nickle and dime gamer’s for all that they have. Look, if you buy a car from a GM dealer and pay it off completely then that makes it yours, right? Yes. If you decide to then sell that car to a friend, GM doesn’t get a cut of the profit, right? No. What other industry have you heard crying about not getting the profits off of the used sale of their products? Does the movie industry cry over used Blu-Ray sales? Here’s what’s going on. Big publishers are spending way too much money every year on the same old rehashed shooter and or assassin simulator and they are in a panic as they watch their sales decrease yearly. Why? Cause gamer’s are sick of buying the same crap. Now publisher have to come up with a way to “back door” the gamer so that they can make enough profit to go and blow off another 100 million on a COD clone.

Publishers know they can’t win the fight over used games sales as it currently stands but forcing Microsoft and Sony to include DRM on their consoles is how they are going to do it. Now that $60 disk you just bought becomes just a piece of plastic once the content is installed on to the Xbone’s hard drive. Now what you effectively have is a digital title in which Microsoft and its respective publishing partner can regulate since the Xbone is always connected. All this is, is a work around to getting a piece of those used game sales publishers so desperately felt they were entitled to. You ever wonder the real reason EA has been screwing Nintendo over as of late. Ever wonder why Nintendo is missing so much third party support after they all showed up at E3 2011 with their testimonials about how awesome the Wii U was? Could it be because Nintendo won’t use DRM?

The gamer is being taken advantage of right now an Microsoft or Sony could care less. Yes i said Sony. Apparently they will have DRM but won’t require it instead leaving it up to publishers to include it on their own will. Yeah, like EA would require madden to use DRM on Xbone but not on PS4.

Time will tell if this whole DRM issue spells doom for the industry but as of now im calling “BS”! I won’t be supporting Microsoft because of this and if Sony really does follow along then i won’t be supporting them either. I guess ill stick to the Wii U and Steam.

Let me know your thoughts on the subject and let me know what makes Wii U MAD