Sony Punked Nintendo: Nintendo Goes From Bully To Coward




Nintendo, its time to knuckle up and fight back!! 

Let me start off by saying this first. I am, always have been, and probably always will be a huge fan and supporter of Nintendo as a company. I believe they are the reason gaming exists today and I have always applauded Nintendo on their family focused efforts in a world and industry were violence and sex sell. I believe that Nintendo brings a fresh and innovative approach to gaming that Sony and Microsoft could only dream of. With that said, Nintendo is NOT without their faults and I’m going to point out the major ones as I see them, so be warned. This article isn’t to bash Nintendo but I will not pull my punches. If you are a fan boy then stop reading now. If you are level headed gamer that loves Nintendo or just loves gaming in general, then I hope that you can appreciate what I’m trying to say in this article. Once again my intention is not to bash Nintendo but to try expose what I see as Nintendo’s biggest flaw at the moment. That huge flaw is the fact that they are cowards.

Nintendo Has Cowered Long Enough

Why does it seem as if Nintendo has become a shell of their former selves? Why does it seem as if Nintendo no longer has the desire to fight? Nintendo is fully capable of competing and they have done so since the early 80’s. Granted there wasn’t much competition then, but if you look at how they battled Sega and the Genesis you can see that Nintendo is a company that can go toe to toe with any company in the business. Remember when Nintendo was the bully on the block? Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, third parties had no other choice but to create games for Nintendo platforms especially if they wanted to remain relevant. See back then, Nintendo was top dog. Remember when Hiroshi Yamauchi would make third parties kneel before him in fear as they presented their latest piece of software? The gaming industry was Nintendo’s yard and everyone else was just playing in it. That is until Sony came along.

The truth is, Sony Punked Nintendo and now Nintendo acts less like the gaming giant we all know and love and more like cowards. When Nintendo backed out of the deal with Sony that would have resulted in hybrid gaming console between the two Japanese giants, that lit a fire under Sony’s butt. Ever since that day, Sony and its mighty Playstation brand has dominated gaming. Financial losses aside, the Playstation brand carries more weight than Nintendo today. What does Nintendo have to say about it…

“…Nintendo is not good at competing so we always have to challenge [the status quo] by making something new, rather than competing in an existing market.”

This is a statement that was made by Nintendo President Iwata back in late 2013. I find it to be a cowardly statement from Nintendo and an excuse on their part to not meet their competition face to face on the battlefield of gaming. I honestly feel that Sony scared them off with their original Playstation. They showed Nintendo that they are not the only game in town and that third parties in fact do NOT need them. Instead of responding with more aggression, they became more and more passive. Its a shame to watch. This is NOT behavior befitting the greatest gaming company of all time. Yes, I called them the greatest gaming company of all time but that title is slowly slipping away. It will be all but gone if they don not turn the ship around and head in the direction of the cannon fire. Nintendo can NOT be afraid of a good fight.

Get In Or Get Out

Now I’ll admit that Nintendo still had a bit of that fighting spirit left in them when it came to the Gamecube. I believe that most of the problems then were due to Nintendo not embracing popular trends and that problem still exists today. The real problem began when Nintendo just simply gave up fighting. Last generation Nintendo Introduced the Wii to the gaming world. It had an interesting motion control mechanic that got millions of non-gamers to board the hype train. It was a huge success and the second best selling home console of all time. So what’s the problem? Simply put, the console sucked! Outside of Mario Galaxy and maybe a few others, the Nintendo Wii pushed core gaming aside in favor of the casual experience. While fun at first, it quickly wore thin for most. Nintendo called it their new “Blue Ocean” strategy which in theory makes sense. It simply means that Nintendo strives to find an avenue to explore that no one else has done before or is doing so currently making them the only ones to explore this unique space. This is all fine but when you get so insulated that you forget what is going on around you then you become unaware of your weaknesses because you have nothing to compare yourself to. With the Wii, Nintendo got lazy and weak. They bet on the casual crowd and in the end they bet on the wrong horse so to speak.

This was done so that Nintendo did not have to compete in the same space as Sony. Iwata has no confidence that Nintendo can win a fight when competing in the same weight class as the Playstation and I think he is being a coward for running the company in such a way. Why am I using such a harsh word like “coward”? A coward is someone who looks at a situation that may seem bigger than what they can handle and gives up without trying even though they have all of the necessary skills and tools to handle what is ahead of them. They choose not to push forward because they are too afraid to take up the challenge. That to me is a coward. Iwata is being a coward.

I’ll end with this. Nintendo has better software than Sony hands down. Nintendo’s ip’s are more popular and far more profitable. Nintendo has better developers at their disposal. Now don’t get me wrong, Naughty Dog is a beast but they only make one type of game. Nintendo has what fanboys refer to as a “war chest” of money that Iwata probably spends his time diving into like Scrooge Mcduck. The idea that Nintendo cant afford to spend money on a high end gaming console is nuts! Nintendo has been in business for more than one hundred years and has been in gaming for more than 30 years so they definitely have the expertise and the knowledge. It’s time that Nintendo changed their thinking and started viewing themselves as the great gaming company they are. They have the capability to rule the gaming industry but to do so they must first face their greatest rival. The Sony Playstation. Nintendo needs to look Sony in the eye and commit to a good fight on equal ground. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors. Just a good ol’ fashioned console war fought with cutting edge hardware, advanced online capabilities, and outstanding software. Nintendo can do it. I know they can.

That’s All Folks

My hope is that through all of my harsh criticism of Nintendo that you can see my passion for them to succeed. Lets get something straight, though. Nintendo wont succeed as long as they are being coddled by fanboys. Nintendo needs tough love and a kick in the butt. This only comes if you hurt their wallet. You mess with a companies money and they are bound to make changes. I won’t go into that now because I’m saving that topic for another day. Oh, and just in case you were wondering why I didn’t mention Microsoft its because I don’t feel they are any threat to Nintendo simply because MS carries no weight in Japan. Well there you have it folks. I hope you enjoyed reading. See you next time.


2 thoughts on “Sony Punked Nintendo: Nintendo Goes From Bully To Coward

  1. I enjoyed your article, it was insightful and unbiased- mostly….. A couple areas where I think you may have dropped the “ball” was your assumption that Nintendo is a “coward” or that they should try to match/outdo Sony’s latest play station- think about it, we have the Xbox1&PS4 which are basically the “same” machines underneath the hood, do we really need a 3rd clone?? Now I know a lot of video game fanatics are going to want refute that statement and bust out the tech specs of the Xbox1 and PS4 but the bottom line is they are very similar while the Wii U is very different- Would I like a better online experience from my Wii U? Of course, that would be awesome-however for Nintendo to improve this, they don’t necessarily have to build a more powerful clone of either the MS or Sonys machines- they could accomplish this feat by simply offering add-on upgrades and firmware updates and of course establishing a dedicated server that truly runs 24 hrs non-stop no matter the number of people that are online-now I know the Wii U is horribly slow when trying to download anything but this can be “patched” or “upgraded”-(I realize of course this would be highly unlikely and that it would cost a lot of dough-ray-me, just saying though) Now, as far as graphics-this is a debatable issue-some people swear by them while others could care less as long as the controls and story are super tight- I am more than happy with having HD graphics while others are desperate for more…..I will say that the Xbox1 and PS4 while impressive graphically speaking, they really aren’t that much of an improvement graphic wise over their predecessors. All in all, I really did like your article, but I think you “ran” with a misguided idea about Nintendo-cowards?? No- Classy, Yes! Could they afford to be a little more aggressive? Sure- But more in their advertising and promotion of their games and consoles-

  2. First off, thank you reading and responding to my article. I use the term “coward” no as a disrespect but to say that Nintendo refuses to jump in an compete directly with Sony not because they can’t, but because they are afraid. Iwata needs to change his mindset or step down. Nintendo has all of the tools to run circle around Sony.

    I do believe that Nintendo needs to compete directly. Here is why. Third parties. Look at all of the games the Wii U will NOT be getting as a result of inferior hardware. Now when I say they need to compete, Im talking about producing hardware with specs that are on the same level as the competition so in return, third parties would have little excuse to not bring their latest game to Nintendo’s system.

    One thing I didnt mention was Nintendo’s horrible third party relations and the fact that gamers no longer have the same confidence in Nintendo that they once had. Im saving that for another article. I believe that Nintendo could easily get back on top but of course thats easy for me to say when I don’t work their.

    I hope yo continue to read my articles. There is more to come. Thanks.

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