DRM Will Ruin The Gaming Industry



Microsoft and Sony want you to take it like a man

Before i dive in let me just say this…Buy a Wii U. It’s a gaming console for gamer’s with no DRM drama. With a Wii U, you can have the freedom of buying and selling used games at your leisure. DRM is a joke. When you buy a game it should be yours. You buy it. You own it. You can sell it. Period. Buy a Wii U.


DRM sucks. Period. There are too many examples of why forcing DRM on gamer’s is a bad thing. Just look at what happened to Sim City and Diablo 3. DRM does nothing but cause head aches for gamer’s, not to mention  not everyone has an online internet connection. So what about them? According to a group known as Akamai, a “state of the internet” report was done by them and found that the U.S. placed 8th among the top ten countries with high internet speeds with an average of 7.4 mbps. Really? 7 megs a second isn’t what i would call adequate for intense online gaming sessions.

Here is that link:


Lets talk about always online for a second. Microsoft is treating the Xbone like it just got out on parole. 24 hour check in’s will become routine for anyone who owns Microsoft’s newest console.  What happens when your internet goes out? Oh, you can watch Netflix so it’s ok. What the hell! I understand that most households are connected to the internet, that’s not the problem. The problem is being forced to be connected. Remember that dumb-ass tweet by that one Microsoft employee who taunted everyone who didn’t agree with always online? He talked about phones having to be always on or something? Anyways my point is even though you cant make calls or surf the internet without some sort of connection at least the apps you downloaded still work. You can still play your games. With Microsoft forcing gamer’s to be online to play a single player game just doesn’t make sense. Oh wait, your thinking that i’m jumping to conclusions and i should wait until E3, huh? Then what about Used games?

Microsoft apparently hates them. We all know the real deal with the used games market, right? It’s the greedy-ass publishers like EA who want to nickle and dime gamer’s for all that they have. Look, if you buy a car from a GM dealer and pay it off completely then that makes it yours, right? Yes. If you decide to then sell that car to a friend, GM doesn’t get a cut of the profit, right? No. What other industry have you heard crying about not getting the profits off of the used sale of their products? Does the movie industry cry over used Blu-Ray sales? Here’s what’s going on. Big publishers are spending way too much money every year on the same old rehashed shooter and or assassin simulator and they are in a panic as they watch their sales decrease yearly. Why? Cause gamer’s are sick of buying the same crap. Now publisher have to come up with a way to “back door” the gamer so that they can make enough profit to go and blow off another 100 million on a COD clone.

Publishers know they can’t win the fight over used games sales as it currently stands but forcing Microsoft and Sony to include DRM on their consoles is how they are going to do it. Now that $60 disk you just bought becomes just a piece of plastic once the content is installed on to the Xbone’s hard drive. Now what you effectively have is a digital title in which Microsoft and its respective publishing partner can regulate since the Xbone is always connected. All this is, is a work around to getting a piece of those used game sales publishers so desperately felt they were entitled to. You ever wonder the real reason EA has been screwing Nintendo over as of late. Ever wonder why Nintendo is missing so much third party support after they all showed up at E3 2011 with their testimonials about how awesome the Wii U was? Could it be because Nintendo won’t use DRM?

The gamer is being taken advantage of right now an Microsoft or Sony could care less. Yes i said Sony. Apparently they will have DRM but won’t require it instead leaving it up to publishers to include it on their own will. Yeah, like EA would require madden to use DRM on Xbone but not on PS4.

Time will tell if this whole DRM issue spells doom for the industry but as of now im calling “BS”! I won’t be supporting Microsoft because of this and if Sony really does follow along then i won’t be supporting them either. I guess ill stick to the Wii U and Steam.

Let me know your thoughts on the subject and let me know what makes Wii U MAD


3 thoughts on “DRM Will Ruin The Gaming Industry

  1. always online the idea sucks it will lead to major lag and tons more piracy and the whole no used game thing or a fee is gonna have a lot of gamers switching to wiiu

  2. Wii U has no drm? It also doesn’t have games, reliable internet, and appeal. drm can save gamers money and make games better The Xbox One idea was great! Digitally sharing games with my friends sign me up. We buy good games when they come out so that would be great for my gaming circle.

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