The WiiUmadGAMERS Show Episode 4: Road to Recovery

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I discus Nintendo’s Investors meeting and how they intend to travel the road to recovery.


The WiiUmadGAMERS Show Episode 3: The Nintendo Dilemma

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This episode is all about Nintendo. The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly. I talk about what I think Nintendo did wrong in 2013 and what they can do in 2014 to put the Wii U back on track. Enjoy.

The WiiUmadGamers show Ep.1 The Road Ahead

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The first ever WiiUmadGAMERS show. I cover topics ranging from the state of the industry, to the impact of the media and fanboys. Tune in every Friday for new episodes. Are you a gamer? Love Nintendo? Than what are you waiting for?