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Destroy All Fanboys


Are you a fanboy? Chances are pretty high that you may have been infected with the mind altering virus known as “FB”. Fanboyism! Its deadly and can permanently ruin your gamer credibility. The symptoms include severe delusion, hypocrisy, all sorts of “Tomfoolery”, vast ignorance, and pure stupidity. If you find yourself with any one of theses symptoms contact your local gamer and have him simply slap the snot out of you! If you know someone infected with “FB” stay clear of any gaming related conversation and under no circumstance should you ever attempt to debate video games with someone infected with “FB”. It may result in you hanging yourself. Slapping the snot out of them is the only course of action. Currently three strains of the “FB” virus have been identified. The Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo strains of “FB” have been identified by the CDC and tagged as extremely dangerous. Here is a breakdown of each strain of “FB”, please read carefully and follow any instructions provided. Your gamer credibility depends on it.



Known as “Xbots” by fanboys of other consoles, Xbox fanboys are probably the most delusional and self conscious of the bunch. “Xbots” are secretly depressed due to the fact that Microsoft chose to spend money and resources on the useless Kinect and bundle it with every console instead of beefing up the hardware to match their rival, Sony. “Xbots” claim that this isnt a factor due to Microsoft announcing new SDK’s and the new Directx update. “Xbots” know darn well that this will not significantly boost the consoles performance but believing so makes them feel less idiotic when they engage in the obligatory, “My console is better” pissing matches with Sony fanboys. The delusion really kicks in after Microsoft’s servers go down, effectively turning the Xbox One into a useless brick yet “Xbots” will pretend that they aren’t affected by this unfortunate mishap. Lets not forget about the “Power of the Cloud”. For “Xbots”, the “Cloud” is the Holy Grail in their war against the Son Fanboys. They believe that the “Cloud” will magically turn the Xbox One into a powerhouse console rivaling or even outperforming the Playstation 4. In the words of Shuhei Yoshida…”So stupid”.

How to fight off the “Xbot” strain: Remind Xbox fanboys that the Xbox brand is not essential or a core focus of the billion dollar giant known as Microsoft. Don’t forget to remind the “Xbots” that everything the Xbox One can do, the PS4 can do just as good and in some cases it can do it better. Like graphics. Follow that up with a slap to the face!



Probably the most annoying of the fanboy family, Nintendo fanboys or Wii U weirdos as they are known in some circles, can be very hypocritical. Nintendo fanboys swear they are the experts on what “true” gameplay looks like yet they will ignore gaming classics like Uncharted and Halo simply because they are not developed or published by Nintendo. If a game debuts and its visuals are mind blowing, the developers are immediately attacked and accused for being more focused on graphics than gameplay. Nintendo fanboys swear they want new games and more games from third parties but if that particular game doesn’t feature coins and mushrooms or feature the name Mario in the title then they will not buy it. One of the biggest problems of a Nintendo fanboy is that they refuse to criticise the very company they say they love. They will accept anything. Late games, no games, poor third party ports, no voice chat, a horrible online shop and an underpowered system, but as long as Nintendo president Satoru Iwata comes out and says…”Please understand” then all is forgiven. No harm no foul right?

How to fight off the Wii U Weirdo strain: Remind Nintendo fanboys that third party support is NEVER coming back to the Wii U and that their console is vastly underpowered. When Nintendo fanboys respond with…”Our games are better” then you remind them that the Wii U has been on the market for over 2 years and is just now becoming relevant. Thats sad. Follow that up with a slap to the face while wearing a Power Glove!



Talk about arrogant and delusional. Sony fanboys are many things but they can never be accused of having common sense. Sony fanboys are affectionately called “Ponies” and probably because they act like little girls. “Ponies” only have a few words in their vocabulary similar to ancient cavemen. “Resolution…mine…better.” (Grunt) “Ponies” find themselves to be superior to other fanboys do to owning a powerful console and take pride in their company throwing shots at the competition. “Ponies” have short memories. They forget that last generation they were stupid enough to buy a $600 dollar toaster called the PS3 with its crappy online and bad Xbox 360 ports. This is significant because it shows the “Ponies” willingness to to fall for any of Sony’s lies and tactics. “Ponies” actually thought that the PS VIta would be a hit and out perform the 3DS. Yeah…Go ahead, take a minute or two to laugh about it. Oh, and dont forget that they said the same thing about the PSP. Ha, ha, ha. Anyways, “Ponies” swear that their online is just as good as Xbox accept they seem to ignore the fact that it crashes way more frequently. Oh, and the hacks. Good Lord, the hacks!

How to fight off a “Pony”: Remind them that Sony can barely afford to pay their own light bill and not to mention that Sony’s first party titles don’t sell. Also, remind them that Sony pays their employees in food stamps. No need to follow this up with a slap to the face just shoot the damn “Pony”!

Thanks For Playing

Yes, yes, I know I was a bit harsh today but I was just poking fun at the gaming fanboys. This whole fanboy vs fanboy vs fanboy war is getting ridiculous, don’t you think? Now if I offended you I apologize but just maybe you need to lighten up and stop being a fanboy. We are all gamers and we all love this industry to a degree. Lets just enjoy gaming together and respect what others game on regardless of the console of choice. Lets just have some fun and forget about resolutions, the cloud, ultra textures and all that other crap. Just enjoy your games.

Oh yeah, hey fanboys?! Wii U Mad?

brace yourself



Gamers Need To Grow Up: Not Nintendo


So many gamers these days are criticizing Nintendo for not being more mature. They try and make the argument that Nintendo hasn’t grown up with them but instead insist on making “kiddie” games. Gamers want more mature experiences not found in games like Mario or Zelda. Gamers have supposedly outgrown Nintendo because they are now adults. Well my response to that is if your so grown up, why are you still playing videogames? Could it be that your not as “all grown up” and as mature as you think you are? Yes. That is it. What else could it be?

A Gamers Definition Of Mature


A gamers definition of mature can’t possibly carry any weight behind it. How can a toddler lecture an adult about the facts of life when that child can barely wipe his/her own butt. Gamers are too busy burying their heads beneath the swearing, violence and perversion to understand what real maturity is. From a gamers perspective maturity is gritty, bloody, dark and full of swearing and dismemberment. Subdued colors, explosions and guns make up the bulk of what today’s gamer thinks of as mature. Its a sad truth, but the truth no less. Its as if gameplay no longer factors in anymore so long as there is competitive multiplayer matches where prepubescent brats can scream and curse at one another over their choice of online service provided by Microsoft and Sony. How long can this obstructed view of gaming maturity hold up? If the last generation was just a sign of what is to come then the gaming industry is in trouble. In its current form its becoming a joke. A shell of its former self in the sense that gamers are loosing sight of what has made gaming what it is since the beginning. It has been, should be, and should forever more be about having fun.

Let Me Guess, Should Mario Smoke Crack Too?


You see the image above? Do you think that looks cool? Do you think it would be a great idea if the Super Mario games went all GTA and let gamers shoot Kooplings and bang Toadetts? If you do then your not alone and your also what’s wrong with gaming today. I remember when I visited a local Gamestop and one of the employees said to me that he thought it was time for Mario to grow up and go “GTA”. He actually thought it would be a good idea to make Mario more mature in the sense that he would now curse, kill and steal from the friendly citizens of the Mushroom kingdom. As humorous as watching Mario go Kart jacking would be, it would be the dumbest move Nintendo ever made allowing their famous mascot to be apart of a GTA style world. Why do people think Nintendo should make Mario mature or any other franchise for that matter? Should Mario sell crack too? How about smoke it? Clearly the people bashing Nintendo for its family friendly image are smoking it.

Nintendo Is Like Disney. Family Comes First


Would anyone be taken seriously if they actually suggested that Disney make a Mickey Mouse Penthouse cartoon in which Mickey sexes Minnie, mouse style? How about a Disney Pixar film in which the protagonist is kills people and uses profanity? Would Mickey ever be seen smoking a cigar? The answer is HELL NO! Disney is a family company. They have been around since the 20’s and have catered to the young and old ever since. How come no one criticizes Disney for being too kiddie? Where are all the adults who grew up on Disney demanding that Donald pimp out Daisy? You know why you don’t get that from Disney fans? Its because they understand what family entertainment is. They understand the value of leaving something positive for the next generation after them. The gaming industry is the most childish and immature of them all. How dare you demand that Nintendo forget about what made its company in the first place. Do you know what the name of Nintendo’s fist console was? The Famicom. What does Famicom mean, you ask? FAMILY COMPUTER. Emphasis on the word FAMILY. Simply put, Nintendo provides entertainment for families. Yes I understand that Nintendo’s core audience as of right now are made up of gamers in their late 20’s and early 30’s but lets not act like the gameplay experiences that Nintendo provides isn’t as good or in most cases better than anything out there. Name one action adventure game that does what The Legend Of Zelda does as well or better. Name a better platformer than Mario. How about a better mash up fighter than Smash Brothers? Cant? Didn’t think so. So when gamers sit there and say they can’t enjoy Nintendo games anymore because they are too kiddie, what are you really saying? Your saying that you don’t care about gameplay. You want state of the art graphics and you want to watch crap blow up. Oh, and you want to shoot, stab and kill things. Be honest. What is the top game mechanic used this entire last generation? Shooting. Doesn’t matter if it was a 3rd person shooter or a 3rd person shooter, just shooting.

My point is that Nintendo thinks about how to best serve the family. Not everyone gets off by shooting people in the head or cutting their throat in a videogame. There are still those of us who just want to save the princess and that’s ok. Nintendo’s titles may look kiddie at times but if you know anything about gaming you understand that their games often represent the pinnacle of gameplay and best represent what is good in this industry. Sure, they don’t give you everything you may want on a technical level, things such as blood and sweat dripping off a character model but just look at how beautiful Super Mario 3d World looks. Its like a Pixar film. Immediately Pixar films appeal to children do to their colorful nature but behind it all is a deep and rich story in which all adults can enjoy. That is Nintendo. Simple yet complex.

Look, I’m not saying that liking games that feature explosions and shooting is wrong. What I am saying is that if you feel that EVERY game should be similar to that and anything that is geared towards family is somehow inferior, then you are just plain dumb. I understand that most people who play games today are adults but how can you expect a family company to forget about its most important customer…the family? Nintendo will always cater to its core fans with titles like Mario and Zelda but they can not deny the younger audience who will one day take our place as Nintendo’s core fan base. Think about the experience today’s kids would be getting from gaming if all they hat to play was GTA and Gears of War? Is that fair? No. We all grew up on Mario and it turned us into the core gamer we are today and it even turned some of us into developers. There is little substance in today’s gaming. You aim and shoot. Little more. With Nintendo they do their best to preserve the legacy of what gaming is all about. Fun gameplay. You shouldn’t be able to separate the too.

A Little Mario In All Of Us


Lets stop being critical of what Nintendo is doing in the industry and start being more supportive. I hate when people make the statement that they “used to be big Nintendo fans” until they got older. Nintendo’s emphasis on gameplay is the same its been since the 80’s. If you were a Nintendo fan all those years ago, why should you stop now? Sony and Microsoft can often behave like Zombies. They rarely innovate, they just feed. On your wallet of course. The regurgitate the same ideas over and over again except that each time they just add more. More power, more power, more money you have to spend. Nintendo thinks about how they can deliver the consumer a fun experience that won’t violate their bank account. Listen we need all three console makers to survive and do well so that this industry can do well. When you route for Nintendo to fail, you route for the industry to fail. Period. Grow up.

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Top Tuesdays: Top 5 Games Of The Current Generation


Who Will Be Number 1?

Here We Go again Folks. I’m back with another Top Tuesday edition. This time I’ll be focusing on the best games of this generation. Keep in mind that these are my favorite games of the current generation so with that in mind, enjoy.

5. Metal Gear Solid 4




This game is the main reason why I bought a PS3 in the first place. Metal Gear Solid 4 kept me hooked from the first moment I booted up the game, with its impressive visuals and Kojima-style storytelling. MGS4 is the definitive stealth game.

4. Uncharted 2



Naughty Dog are kings of story telling

What can I say about the Uncharted series? The game is a masterpiece in cinematic storytelling and action. I loved the first Uncharted game but the second one blew me away. The characters were very interesting, the story was engaging, and the action was fun and addictive. I can see why many regard Uncharted 2 as the best in the series. 

3. Red Dead Redemption



Probably The Only Rockstar Game I’ll Ever Play

I’m not a huge fan of Rockstar’s other game offerings but I loved me some Red Dead Redemption. What I loved so much about this game was that it made me feel like I was actually in the wild west. The world felt so alive to me that I would hardly try any of the missions, instead I would just hop on my horse and see what situations I could find myself in. With so much variety in the world of Red Dead, I was able to squeeze many hours of playtime out of the game before I decided to actually play the missions and finish the main story. I can’t wait for a sequel. 

2. Batman Arkham City



Two Heads Are Better Than One!

This franchise isn’t considered the greatest among the super hero genre for nothing. I spent countless hours gliding around Arkham City beating the crap out of the inmates. Simply put, this game is outstanding. This game is as close to perfect as a game can get and a step forward for the super hero genre of gaming. Too bad no other super hero game has been able to match its quality yet, but oh well, there is another Arkham game on the way in Arkham Origins. If you have not played Arhkam City and you claim your a fan of the caped crusader, slap yo’self. Here’s a little incentive. I bought the game on Steam for 7.49 cents. Yup. 

1. The Walking Dead



Story Telling Perfection

I had no interest in trying The Walking Dead simply because it is a point an click adventure game and those always seemed pretty lame to me. So I skipped it. One day I saw a Steam sale that had The Walking Dead season one at around 6 bucks or so and I said to my self “what the heck, I’ll try it”. Best decision I’ve made in long time concerning videogame purchases. 

The Walking Dead is the best game I’ve played this current generation by far. No other game had been able to keep me as involved in the story as this game did. I don’t remember playing another game where I cared about the characters as much as I cared about Lee and Clementine. Th scenarios that played out were excellently crafted and overall this game is a testament that you don’t need over the top action and explosions to make an impact in gaming. I recommend this game to anyone who loves good storytelling. The Walking Dead will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. I can’t wait for season 2. 







This site is nothing more than a half-ass attempt by non-industry insiders to make a name for themselves. How do you justify approving articles that read like they were written by a 4th grader and flag and remove articles that have a real heart and soul behind them. N4G  is run by fan boys and girls and should not be supported. You know who should be supported? The real gaming sites out there. IGN, Gametrailers, My Nintendo news.com,  Hip Hop Gamer and any other gaming site or blog that displays passion for the gaming industry. Say what you will about the big names but at least they have put in work and earned the place they have made for themselves. If you want the news then go straight to the source and don’t support N4G  as it is an embarrassing example of what taking yourself too seriously can do. Its as if the the approval process for posting articles is run  by retarded, blind monkeys. Make no mistake, this is a RANT! I guess it’s safe to say i’ll never get another article approved on N4G again, huh? So be it.


A few months ago i was going to post this article but thought it may be too much especially coming from an unknown blogger. Well…things have changed. Here’s my problem. N4G has a terrible approval system. They let anyone who has posted more than 5 articles approve someone else’s article. In fact, you have to approve several articles before you can post your 6th one, or something like that. What that means is the person doing the approval can know everything about gaming and writing for games, or know completely nothing at all. So when i see articles get approved that are just absolutely ridiculous and give off  the vibe that the person writing the article could care less about the content, well that upsets me. Why does it upset me? It upsets me because i know that there are very talented men and women with a passion for the gaming industry who deserve to have their opinion heard but can’t because of the stupid way articles get approved on N4G. It  feels like the people who are doing the approvals just click the approval button so they can hurry up and get back to posting their own articles. I understand that N4G isn’t the only place to post gaming related news but it is probably the most well known. Anyone who is looking to get into gaming journalism can benefit greatly from having their articles posted and read on N4G. N4G has a responsibility to separate the real journalism from the bull-crap. Now i know i’m not an industry professional. I’m just a blogger that loves the gaming industry and wanted to share my thoughts from time to time. Naturally i would love for my post’s to be read by as many readers as possible. I do believe that i have some interesting thoughts on gaming that i can contribute. At least that’s my take and you may disagree. N4G often will state that they may not consider you a valid source for news or that since your not an industry professional you can’t have an opinion on anything gaming related. At least one that matters. If those are your guidelines than fine. When you start relaxing those guidelines and letting just anyone post an article and that article gets approved then that’s where the problem comes in. I remember seeing and article talking about how Nintendo needed to release a new console in 2014 in order to compete with Microsoft and Sony even though they just released the Wii U. Come on! Seriously? Anyone with any industry sense would know just how ridiculous that article is. It was poorly written and felt like it came from a person who may not know anything about what’s going on in the industry. I don’t pretend to know everything, because i don’t but i do know that articles like that one should have not been approved. Now on the other hand, if N4G is putting themselves out there to be a forum for anyone to post what ever they feel is worthy then by all means post away. If that is in deed the route N4G has chosen then why would they flag and block an article that makes absolute sense and say that since it wasn’t written by an industry professional it can’t be posted. See what i’m saying. They are flip flopping. Proving my point even further is this article that you are reading right now. At the time i posted it on N4G it immediately started getting traffic and a few approvals. This is a straight up rant with an offensive picture. Who approved this? Why would someone who is supposed to look out for N4G’s best interests approve this? Hmmm….see what i’m getting at? This article got up to 110 degrees before N4G finally took it down. If you don’t know what that means it’s basically how N4G measures traffic. The more people that read an article the higher the degrees will rise. I was then told by the admin that if i ever posted anything like this again i will never be coming back to N4G. That’s fine with me since i will never post anything there again. My tactic may have been a harsh one and a bit offensive to some, but i was just trying to make a point and i will only apologize to those that follow me if my tactic was at all offensive to you. I can only speak from the heart and i feel N4G is wrong and they need to do some restructuring and make some admin improvements. Until then, i won’t personally post anything their again.


And yes…im WiiU Mad !!!

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Why focusing solely on hardware specs today will disappoint you next -gen.


How much are you willing to spend on this?

In 2013 Microsoft and Sony will announce their “next-gen” consoles.This announcement alone will surely destroy Nintendo’s future plans for the Wii U. Sony and Microsoft’s consoles will simply be too far advanced in future technology for Nintendo’s “current-gen” console to compete. What!? Wait!…Get that nonsense the hell out of here! That garbage is what Sony, Microsoft, and several of the big gaming sites would have you believe. Don’t buy in to it. Why? Focusing solely on hardware specs today will disappoint you next-gen.


“It’s hard to say right now. I do not think we’ll have a console with a lot better graphics than the PS3 currently offered. I believe the future will be to offer consumers better and more accessible experience .The aim will be to make more people enter the world of video games and try to design titles for women.”

That was a quote from James Armstrong who is the VP of SCEE. (CEO SCE Spain+Portugal) You can read the article that was translated and posted on Gaming Bolt.


I’ve touched on this before but who in their right mind can afford another 400$ to 500$ gaming console. You might as well spend that money on a PC at least you can use it for a million other task’s on top of having the definitive version of your favorite non first party title. Sony and Microsoft know’s this and as much as they won’t admit it they know Nintendo is on the right track by offering gameplay innovation (Their specialty) over supped up specs. Its just too expensive for the consumer. Of course Microsoft and Sony can and most likely will sell their new consoles at a loss but how much of that cost do you expect they’l absorb? Eventually some of that cost will pass to consumers. 80$ games, maybe? Look i’m not saying The “nest-gen” consoles won’t be more capable than the Wii U. It will be newer tech, of course they will. I just don’t feel they’ll be anymore capable than the Wii U is over the current PS3 and 360. Maybe a little more. Definitely the leap won’t be as significant as the jump from Ps2 to Ps3. Don’t believe me? How bout you take Crytek’s word for it. In an article from http://www.Gimmegimmegames.com, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that there wasn’t even a strong chance that the brand new PS4 and 720 would be on par with the current AVERAGE PC on the market today. He went on to say this…

“But PC has caught up. With current generation consoles and what’s on the horizon – new ones – due to the fact that the cost of CPU and memory are so much more expensive than they were in the past, it is simply impossible to have the same kind of impact on the console business; to be so far ahead of PC.”

(Here’s the link :http://gimmegimmegames.com/2012/12/crytek-ceo-says-next-gen-wont-be-as-big-of-a-leap-as-360ps3-were-crysis-3-maxes-current-consoles/)

Now you see why Microsoft has been pushing Kinect and Smart Glass. They see the huge potential in reaching out to the casual market. Microsoft saw the attention and most importantly, the revenue that the Wii brought in. They want that. So doe’s Sony. This is why they will focus on multimedia. Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix continue to surge and they due very well on consoles. Adding more of these types of services will bring in the casual base looking to do more than play videogames. Look at Nintendo’s approach with WiiUTvii. Like the idea or not this  is the type of service the next-gen consoles will be focusing on. Finally i think we may be getting to a point were better graphics just isn’t enough. Developer’s are gonna have to start pushing gameplay innovation over polygons if they want to stay viable in the market.


Sorry Microsoft but “uncanny valley” is in another castle.


Polygons, textures, lighting, physics, particles, blah blah blah. What about gameplay? How about a new and interesting way to interact with the gaming world. Quit giving me the same controller we’ve been using since the SNES and then modified by the Playstation. Four face buttons’, two analog sticks and a bunch of shoulder buttons cant be the peak of the gaming controller. In fact it isn’t. The Wii U gamepad is proof of that. It offers a new way to interact with the game your playing and if developers really get a hold of that concept we could really be in for some of the best gaming experiences since the analog stick was added to home consoles in the 90’s. Just look at the use of the Wii U gamepad in Nintendoland or Zombie U. If you played those games with just a standard controller then they probably wouldn’t even deliver the same experience. So what are Sony and Microsoft going to do? Just give us better graphics? Then what? Kinect was a good start. It just didn’t work. If Microsoft can perfect the idea of Kinect and make it work seamlessly with their new console than the next Xbox could be a huge success with both casual consumers and the “core”. What will Sony do? I doubt it has anything to do with Move 2.0. What is going to convince the mass market to commit to buying a new console if all it does is beef up the visuals? Of course the “hard core” will buy in to them but the casual needs a hook to reel them in. One thing is for sure is that 2013 will be interesting for the gaming industry. Will new consoles with bigger and better specs alone drive the industry forward? Will Nintendo become irrelevant? I guess only time will tell. Until then folks, tune in next time and i want to know what makes Wii U Mad?


Will they disappoint? Or will it be mind blown?


Will Valve usher in the beginning of the end for console gaming as we know it?


You see that pic above? Yeah…you know what that is. Could this be the sign that signals the doom of consoles in 2013? Well…lets talk about it.

Steam. Probably the biggest digital distribution platform for games that we know of. When i say “games” i’m not referring to mobile crap. I mean the stuff gamer’s actually care about. If you want it then most likely steam has got it. Now acording to wikipediaForbes reported that Steam sales constituted 50 to 70% of the $4 billion market for downloaded PC games and that Steam offered game producers gross margins of 70% of purchase price, compared with 30% at retail” That was in 2011. (Yeah i used wikipedia! So what!) So its obvious that publishers can definitively profit from Steam. What about deals? Have you noticed all the deals on Steam. Its ridiculous. In a good way that is. When is the last time you saw a 40$ or 50$ game on xbox live marked 70% off and i’m not talking about some trash connect game. Those should be free. Steam gives you the absolute goods. At the time of this writing you can get Crysis for under 10$ and the collection for under 20$. That is just standard practice on Steam.

Huh? Did someone say “what about hardware?” Yeah…i heard you. Well since steam runs on PC that means you can always stay ahead of the game in the visual department. I bought my PC for graphic design and video production. Its not even considered a gaming PC. I have a low end graphics card yet i can play just about any current gen game on high settings. I maxed out Hawken for what its worth. Whats my point? Consoles are locked it at a certain settings. Now developers can push their game engines to do more and result in better looking visuals as seen in Kojima’s Fox engine. Still, developers are bogged down by a set hardware. With PC you just replace that old graphics card with a new one or add one via SLI. More ram? No problem. Just compare Crysis on Pc to Consoles. The first time i saw Batman Arkam City running on my PC i couldn’t believe it. The Ps3 version i owned looked bad in comparison. Now i know what your thinking…

Pricing. Yes pricing is important. Its one of the main benefits of owning a console over a PC at least from a hardware standpoint. Or..maybe that’s changed. You can build a 200$ PC right now that out performs the current gen consoles. That’s saying something. Now Sony and Micro$oft are touting Avatar quality visuals with 99 thousand gigs of ram for their next gen systems. Great. How much will that cost? Remember buying a 599.99$ ps3 back in 2006? Are you prepared to do it again? I didn’t think so. So most people tend to agree that Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles will launch sometime in 2013 and be vastly superior to the Wii U. We’ve heard rumors of everything from a hex core cpu to 8 and 16 gigs of ram. Hell i heard the new Xbox will even wipe your butt for you using 100$ bills. Actually i think the higher ups at Microsoft wipe their butts with your money. Anyways if the next gen is going to be so powerful it will also be so expensive. Like uncle Ben Parker said…”With great power comes a hole in your wallet and a smile on Jack Tretton’s face.” Wait, what? Lets say the next gen consoles are around the 400$ price range. Factor in paying for Xbox live and a then purchasing your 60$ games and things get real expensive real quick. You could buy a 400$ PC, download steam, not pay for online and get a bunch of crazy deals on games that all look and sound superior. Got it? So…what about…

“Steam Box”? Or what ever they decide to call it. If valve can deliver an entry level PC that stays within the price range of what ever Micro$oft and Sony will bring out and continue to offer the great deals and services via Steam then i think the gaming landscape with shift quite dramatically. Provided Valve can convince console gamer’s that their is more value in the “Steam Box”. Think about that. Lets say Metal Gear Ground Zero’s launches for ps4, 720 and “Steam Box”. They all may look identical except i few slight upgrades on PC. Then you decide you want to upgrade your “Steam Box” provided that’s a feature on it. Now you have a superior game on a superior gaming device. Then again Sony and Microsoft could release systems more on par with the Wii U witch is what i feel what will happen anyways and then at that point it could be anyone’s game since a low price point tends to be much more attractive to consumers. It will be interesting to see what Valve does with the “Steam Box” come 2013 but one thing is for sure and that is gamer’s are gonna have more choices than ever before. There is something for everyone on the market between Wii U, Playstation, Xbox, PC, and “Steam Box”.  2013 could be gaming’s best year yet. Let me know what you think and as always, let me know what makes wiiu mad?