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Support #OperationPlatinum

Hey guys, listen up. There is a new movement going on known as #operationPlatinum and it needs your support. As you know, third party games are rare on the Wii U and great third party exclusives are pretty much non existent. As you are also aware of, Platinum games is finishing up development on the second entry on the Bayonetta franchise and its coming to Wii U this year. This movement is in support of the games success to show other third party developers that the core Nintendo fanbase does in fact purchase and play mature rated titles and titles from developers not named Nintendo. So please support #operationplatinum and even if your not planning to buy Bayonetta 2, tell someone about the game. The man behind the movement as far as I can tell is a Youtuber by the name of Dr. Tre. Down below are Links to his channel were you can hear the operational details straight from his mouth. Thanks.