A World Without Capcom

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One Of The Greatest Companies Of All Time

Capcom isn’t doing to well right now guys. With only 152 million in the bank, that amount of capital isn’t enough to  allow Capcom to fund many big releases in the future. To put things in perspective, GTAV cost over 200 million to produce which is obviously far above the amount of money that Capcom even has in the bank, making me wonder how long they can manage to stay in the industry before they go the way of THQ. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Capcom to close it’s doors but I do wonder what the gaming world would be like without them. Lets talk about it. 

Gaming Genres Would Not Be The Same


Pioneers Of The Gaming Industry

What does Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, and Mega Man have in common? Yes they were all made by Capcom but besides that all four franchises pioneered their respective genres. Yes, there were others before them but would survival horror, fighting, action, and platforming be what it is today without these franchises? No. 

Resident Evil





Lets take a look at survival horror. Without Resident Evil, the modern survival horror genre wouldn’t be what it is today. The franchise took the genre to knew heights with the original RE and then Capcom took it even further with RE4. Yes I also understand that as of late, Capcom has pretty much butchered its Resident Evil franchise with RE5 and RE6 leaving it up to former Capcom employees to pick up the survival horror slack, but there was always hope that the series could be turned around and once again lead the genre into fresh and bold new things. Those hopes may be dashed to pieces if Capcom closes it’s doors. Sure there are plenty of other devs making horror games to great success but there was a certain magic that the Resident Evil games brought to the genre that will surely be missed. 

Devil May Cry



Dante X Bayonetta ?

When Devil May Cry released it changed the action genre forever. Blending blazing action with combo heavy sword and gun-play. No one else could touch this genre to the same degree of success that Capcom had. Now before you go screaming about Bayonetta, remember that game was created by ex Capcom staff. So what is my point? Capcom has, or had the uncanny ability to cultivate talent and nurture creative and original ideas that would end up changing the gaming world. Without Capcom you wouldn’t have Devil May Cry and without Devil May Cry you wouldn’t have Bayonetta. No Bayonetta means a much weaker action game genre. 

Street Fighter



The True King Of Fighters

Capcom was not the originators of the fighting game genre but they were the innovators. Fighting games today would not be what they are without Street Fighter. The franchise introduced game mechanics that have come to define the fighting game genre since the 90’s. When Street Fighter 2 was released in the early 90’s it seemed like everyone tried to create a SF Clone to no success. Hate Street Fighter or love it, when it comes to 2d fighters, even to this day the Street Fighter Franchise is the standard. 

Mega Man



A True Legend

Ok, everyone knows how Capcom pretty much screwed Mega Man and its fans. With that said, lets give credit were credit is due. How many games can you name that are similar to Mega Man Play as well as Mega Man? How many of those games that are similar don’t remind you of Mega Man in some way? Exactly. Mega Man put his stamp on the action platformer early in the 90’s on the NES and ever since he has become a legend in the gaming industry. Mega Man is one of the few gaming mascots that have stood the test of time. He has a cult following and is more beloved than just about any gaming mascot you can think of. Without Mega Man gaming wouldn’t be what it is today. If there is ever a gaming hall of fame, Mega Man could be inducted and be right at home standing right next to Mario. 

What’s Next For Capcom?

How the heck should I know. What I do know is that Capcom has every tool at their disposal to turn their fortunes around. Capcom has some of the best and most recognizable franchises in the business and if they had played their cards right they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in now. So what are some things they CAN do. Well first…

Release an all new 2d Mega Man. I’m glad for Inafune and Mighty N0. 9 but lets be honest, Mega Man deserves the spotlight. If Capcom announced a new MM title with hand-drawn art similar to today’s platformers their fans would go nuts.

Release a smaller budget Resident Evil game that takes its inspiration from the original, pre-rendered backgrounds and all. Take RE back to its roots. Make the game about survival and suspense. You don’t need an overly bloated budget to do that. Look at all of these indie horror games flooding the market. 

Stop with all of the DLC nonsense. This it the exact reason I don’t trust Capcom anymore. I buy a game that has everything on the disc but they withhold 30 percent of it and make me buy it separate. Not cool. Second, they need to stop with the super, hyper, ultra versions of games meaning when I buy a game I don’t expect to buy a slightly beefed up version 6 months later, then another 6 months after that, buy another. 

Of course none of these things I mentioned are concrete ways to stop Capcom from folding and perhaps it’s not even logical to think any of these suggestions could help them. At the very least maybe Capcom could do these things to get back in the good graces of its fans who will then feel confident investing their hard earned money in one of the greatest software makers of the 90’s. Either way Capcom is hurting and it would be devastating to the industry to see them go out. A world without Capcom is a gaming industry that will become a little weaker and less appealing to someone like me who has been gaming since the 80’s. 


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