Top Tuesdays: Top Zelda Games

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To Honor a Legend

The legend of Zelda is one of the greatest franchises in gaming history. In honor of this weeks release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, I’ll be giving you my list of the top 5 zelda games. Console titles only. Enjoy.

5. Twilight Princess


A love Letter To Fans Of Ocarina Of Time

As the 7th installment in the Zelda franchise, Twilight Princess marked the return of a more adult link as well as a grittier visual presentation. Referred to by Nintendo as “a love letter to fans of Ocarina of Time”, Twilight Princess easily cemented itself as one of my all time favorite Zelda games.

Favorite Moment: Returning to the lost woods and hearing the Ocarina of Time music.

Worst Moment: Collecting tears

OMG Moment: E3 reveal and fan reaction

4. The Legend of Zelda


Beginning Of A Legend

The original Zelda title is amazing for what it was able to accomplish for its time. The open world genre owes a bit of gratitude to this 8-bit marvel and so do you since the original Zelda was the first game to allow you to save your progress.

Favorite Moment: Collecting my first Triforce Piece

Worst Moment: Controls are a bit stiff, causing link to be less than agile.

OMG Moment: The first time I went back and played the game after many years to realize that Link’s heroic theme song was playing in all of its 8-bit glory

3. Wind Waker


Absolutely Stunning

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is probably the most underrated Zelda game of all time. Fans cried like little babies when this game was first unveiled and it showed off its new cell shaded look. Now it seems that after years of abuse, Wind Waker has settled comfortably into its place as one of the greatest Zelda adventures ever. It’s certainly one of mine.

Favorite Moment: The first time i entered Dragon Roost island ans saw the burning embers flying around. It was visually stunning

Worst Moment: Constantly having to switch wind direction

OMG Moment: The Ghoma boss battle

2. A Link To The Past


Classic !!!

A Link to the past is the Zelda game that first turned me into a hardcore fan. Sure I had already played the original and dabbled with it’s sequel but A Link To The Past is the first time i realized this franchise was truly something special.

Favorite Moment: Leaving the house to find my uncle and witnessing the awesome 8-bit storm going on. When I was a kid that truly wowed me.

Worst Moment: Going into the lost woods and having my stuff stolen by a thief.

OMG Moment: Getting the Master Sword

1. Ocarina Of Time


This is the game that in my mind made the Zelda franchise a true legend in the gaming industry. Ocarina of Time was the first 3d zelda title and it exceeded all of my expectations and delivered absolutely the greatest Zelda experience ever. From the story to the bosses, Ocarina of Time is a masterpiece.

Favorite Moment: Fishing. Yep, fishing.

Worst Moment: Don’t have any

OMG Moment: Defeating Gannondorf only to watch him become the mighty Gannon

That’s it, folks. My list of the top 5 Zelda games of all time. What’s yours?


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