Game Spotlight: The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

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This Is How You Do An HD Remake

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was an awesome game when it released on the Gamecube back in 2002. Nintendo has given Wind Waker the HD treatment and in honor of its release i thought I’d take a look at what makes this re-release so awesome.

The Most Impressive HD Remake Ever



There have been plenty re-released HD ports of old games over the years. From the PS2 versions of God of War to Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 4, but none have delivered a standard like the Wind Waker HD. In the past, what you got from other HD ports was simply an upscaled version of the original. No enhanced textures, no new lighting and no new content. With the Wind Waker, Nintendo has gone all out adding an enhanced lighting engine, improving the textures and adding shader support, music playing at a higher bit rate and added content. Here is an in depth look at the added features.

  • Triforce quest – the five Triforce pieces can now be grabbed directly
  • Only the remaining three require translated charts instead of eight
  • Hero Mode available from the start
  • Picto Box has been upgraded
  • Upgraded camera could still be used to snap photos of unsuspecting villagers or enemies
  • Pictures can go up on Miiverse
  • Link can also take funny self-photographs
  • Switch between happy, sad, and surprised emotions
  • Get the Swift Sail at the auction house after completion of the first dungeon
  • No alert via an in-game prompt to signal the special sails availability
  • No longer possible to accidentally skip Tingle’s island, as the developers have inserted an introduction to the quirky character into the main quest
  • Enhanced first-person camera
  • Can now have full movement in that perspective
  • Can travel through hallways and shoot arrows like you’re in a FPS

The extra content may not be in the form of new dungeons and bosses but the game doesn’t need them. Wind Waker was a rich and rewarding experience the first time around and having smaller enhancements like Hero mode and first person movement along with a revamped Triforce quest should make the game even more rewarding. The game will retail at a reduced price of 49.99 instead of the usual 59.99. Definitely worth it.

The Bundle


Now I Wish I Waited Till Now To Buy My Wii U

Nintendo has decided to create a Wii U bundle featuring a digital copy of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD as well as Digital Copy of the Hyrule Historia all at a reduced price of 299.99. The bundle launches on September 20th 2013 just in time for the Holiday season. If you have never played the WInd Waker or still haven’t purchased a Wii U, this is the perfect opportunity.

Limited Edition


I Got To Get Me One Of These !! (in will Smith’s voice)

Gamestop has a limited edition Wind Waker HD box set that includes a nice looking Gannondof statue encased in a glass dome. It looks pretty awesome. The limited edition costs only 59.99 which is the same price as most games these days and if you manage to score this version then your one lucky guy or gal.

Still not convinced The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD is the best remake ever? Well check out this video below and see for yourself how much of a difference a little native 1080p running at 60fps can make.

Shout out goes to Gamexplain for posting this video on Youtube. I’ll have a link below the video so you can check out more of their videos inlcuding more on the Wind Waker HD.



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