Nintendo 2013 E3 Review

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It’s Time To Call A Spade A Spade…

Look. You know me as the Wii U Mad Gamer, right? I’m a huge Nintendo fan. Always have been and probably always will. Why? Nintendo has been known for pushing gameplay boundaries and bringing us excellent software over the past two decades. You know what, though? I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of let down. It’s time to call a spade a spade. The Wii U is a joke. One that i’m not laughing at. If your a Nintendo fan-boy then go to another site for a while or read another article. This may make you cry.




Who Gives a Damn About Wii Party U?!

Sony and Microsoft just showed off their newest consoles. They showed the potential of what the next generation of hardware can deliver and believe me their is an obvious and noticeable difference in power between the next and current fen consoles. We all knew that the Wii U wasn’t going to match these new consoles in terms of horsepower but what we knew is that Nintendo could go toe to toe and outclass just about any developer in the industry when it came to software quality. So we thought. 

Nintendo held an E3 Direct video today at 7am pacific time. For months fans of the “BIG N” had been anticipating what Nintendo would reveal at this years show. Our imaginations ran wild especially when we began to ponder the possibilities of what Retro Studios would finally unveil. Instead, what we got was the same ‘ol same ‘ol with absolutely nothing new. There was hardly anything even interesting. Let me break it down for you.





Really, Nintendo?!

Super Mario 3d World is the name of the new highly anticipated Wii U Mario game. Guess what? It was disappointing to look at. While its clear this game sports man, many technical improvements over its predecessors, this game looks absolutely dull. The new Mario game is based off of the recent Super Mario 3d Land for the 3ds except this time you get four player co-op. Co-op in a Mario game isn’t a bad thing but this style of gameplay isn’t what i expected from the newest home console version of the Mario franchise. The game looks confined instead of the more open feel of Super Mario Galaxy. Speaking of Galaxy, that game looks visually more impressive than the Wii U version. I’m talking art direction, not shaders and lighting etc. Damn, Nintendo. You blew it. You knew what people were looking forward to and you did the opposite. 





This Was The Show Stopper…But That’s Not Saying Much

I will actually keep this one short. Mario Kart 8 looks awesome. Nintendo added the ability to allow your kart to attach to the walls or ceiling via a hover craft type transformation triggered once the player enters a certain part of track. We knew this game was coming and Nintendo delivered on this one.



Probably the most anticipated game of all. Did it look good? Yes. Was the trailer awesome? Yes. Did it feature an awesome new guest star? Yes. Megaman has entered the Smash Bros. tournament ! Finally !! It’s what we’ve all wanted since Melee. This game doesn’t come out until next year so new info will likely trickle in pretty slow. 

Worth The Wait


Nintendo revealed the first gameplay trailers of Bayonetta 2, Zelda Wind Waker, a new Donkey Kong Country and Monoliths new game still currently titled,”X”. More details were given for the Wonderful 101 and a sizzle reel for upcoming 3rd party games was shown although there was nothing new in the footage. 

Overall this was not the epic E3 reveal that i though it was going to be. What the hell happened to Retro Studios? To be fair, Nintendo still has a couple of days to drop a surprise announcement on us but like the initial XBox One reveal, Nintendo should have done more to impress. Period. 


Look, i’ll be honest. I didn’t expect third parties to come out and announce games like Grand Theft Auto v or Metal Gear Solid V but damn !! Nintendo can’t keep announcing the same ‘ol games without announcing anything new. At the very least blow us all away with an amazing new take on familiar software! They did nothing of the sort. Mario Kart 8 was the only game that truly impressed me simply because of the new gravity mechanic. Bayonetta 2 was cool because i’s an new franchise on a Nintendo system. I know what your thinking…”The games shown by Sony and Microsoft wren’e mind blowing either!” No, they weren’t, but what was impressive was the power of the new consoles in addition to their social features which gave us a look at the potential of what the next gen consoles can offer. That in itself is exciting. Nintendo has had over 6 months to turn the Wii U’s potential into reality. Nothing that was shown today gave me the slightest impression that the Wii U’s game pad is truly a game changer. Heck, Nintendo would probably had been better off using a standard controller and saving the money they spent on the 6 inch touch screen and put it towards a better gpu/cpu. Oh, and did i mention that the PS4 is only 50 dollars more than the Wii U? You serious? Other than a die hard Nintendo fan ( yes i am one, but i already own a wii u) who in their right friggin’ mind would by a Wii U over a PS4? You know i’m right. 

Maybe i’m just going on an unwarranted rant, or maybe i’m right but something is off with Nintendo. Third parties have abandoned them and they seem to have abandoned common sense. Oh, and as i’m writing this i found out that Retro Studio’s new title is that Donkey Kong country crap for Wii U. Why is it crap? Because we just got the same damn game on the Wii and 3ds!

This proves that you can not be just a single console gamer and have a full experience. If all you plan on doing is buying a Wii U and no other console, i can tell you that your making a mistake. Nintendo has firmly planted itself as a company that makes consoles for its games and they don’t care about the third parties, no matter how much they say they do. 

I give Nintendo a solid C grade

I’m Wii U Mad! Are You?


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