Nintendo: The Company The Industry Needs. The Company It Doesn’t Deserve



A Seat At The Masters Table

Nintendo may not be able to walk on water but they did resurrect gaming from the dead. Look, they aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination but without them we would probably witness another videogame crash.



Without Nintendo There Would Be No Great Innovation

When Atari killed the industry for us westerners it was Nintendo that brought gaming back from the dead. You wouldn’t be sitting there now enjoying your PS3’s and your Xbox’s and God help me if you actually enjoy gaming on the ipad but you owe that to Nintendo as well. The house that Mario built rekindled a flame for the love of gaming with it’s very first home console. The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short. I know what your thinking. Why dwell on the past? That was the Nintendo of old. Today they are a former shell of themselves. Well unfortunately for the Nintendo naysayers i can prove that to be false. Bare with me.

The Super NES is regarded by many as the greatest home console of all time. Why? Well Nintendo took the NES controller and turned it into what has become the standard by which all modern controllers are based off of. Just ask Sony. Nintendo gave us unbelievable software and a piece of hardware that was second to none. Sorry Genesis fans. By all accounts the Super NES was exactly what its named implied. A Super charged NES. Everything was bigger and better.

Nintendo doesn’t seem to feel the need to stick to the same formula for two long. After the success of the Super NES, Nintendo released the Nintendo 64. A console capable of 3d graphics that featured an awkward looking yet ingenious controller design. Full analog control via the analog stick which is still standard on controllers to this day. You like how your controller rumbles when you play games? Credit that to Nintendo as well for launching StarFox 64 with the “Rumble Pack”. Speaking of software. Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time set a new standard for platforming and adventure gameplay which is still unmatched to this day. 3D action games would be nothing without the road that Mario 64 paved for them. How about multiplayer? Nintendo was the first to allow gamer’s to plug in multiple controllers to a home console for local multiplayer. Of course there were always add-on’s that allowed it but with the N64 it was standard.

Now lets look at the curious case of the Gamecube. This is the first and only Nintendo home console that didn’t pack in any new innovations. It had a weird yet perfect controller built for games like Smash Bros but it lacked any real difference from its competitors. The Gamecube actually lacked features. No DVD playback and an inferior optical disc format that held less data than XBOX and Playstation’s DVD formats. The Gamecube while profitable, didn’t fair too well against SONY and Microsoft’s consoles. Something had to change

With the Wii, Nintendo went a completely different route. They turned their backs on cutting edge visuals in favor of a new way for gamer’s to interact with the gaming world. Enter motion controls. Say what you want about Motion gaming but for a short while it was fun. Nintendo set out to attract those who had never picked up a controller before and bring back into the fold those that lost interest in the hobby. They succeeded and the sales prove it. No one cared that the Wii was inferior in every way from a power standpoint compared to it’s competitors. In the first few years of the Wii’s lifespan Nintendo brought game after game and the console was a mega success. As soon as the games stopped coming, the console died. Which brings me to my last point.

Software sells hardware. Nintendo announced a successor to the Wii last November called the Wii U. Nintendo’s goal was to continue the Wii’s legacy of offering gamer’s a new way of interacting with their game. Tablets are mega popular these days and it doesn’t seem as if that trend will end anytime soon. Nintendo integrated their new home console with that very technology. They even went a step further and added a huge social media component to the Wii U’s infrastructure. So…why isn’t the Wii U selling. Simple. The games haven’t started rolling in yet. Do you think the original Wii would have been as successful as it was i the beginning if it didn’t have the software that it did? NO. It wouldn’t have. The proof is in the way that the sales quickly declined once new software stopped being introduced. With the Wii U things seem to be the opposite. There aren’t any really strong pieces of original software for the Wii U to keep people interested and that is all Nintendo’s fault. Good news, folks. The games are coming and once they do the system will begin to sell very well. Very well.

What is the moral of this story? The gaming media sucks and it spins stories to get hits. The Wii U is not “Dead in the water” and Nintendo is not doomed. The same exact things were said about the PS3 when it launched and all it took was a price cut (Ps3 was too damn expensive) and a steady stream of games. Let’s just wait and see what Nintendo does during this years E3.  Lets just wait and see.


Simple. Nintendo can’t seem to catch a break. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they do exactly as Sony and Microsoft then everyone thinks they are doomed. If they innovate then they are doomed. People are actually saying that Nintendo should and will become a 3rd party publisher only. Lets say Nintendo does actually stop making hardware. This is what will happen. Nintendo will be out for good. They are too stubborn to make their software for competing platforms. Like it or not, loosing Nintendo is bad for the industry. Very bad. If it happens it could be the beginning of the end. What? You think Sony is going to take over the mantle of innovation? Microsoft? Electronic Arts is more likely to win “The Best Company In America” award two years straight before that happens.

Let me know what you think about today’s topic.

Wii U Mad?


6 thoughts on “Nintendo: The Company The Industry Needs. The Company It Doesn’t Deserve

  1. Thank you kind sir or miss…because in my many years as a gamer, and proud to be platform agnostic, (although i admit having a special spot of my jaded heart to Nintendo) i have seen companies rise and fall, devs and publishers take flak (many times warranted) but NO one in this industry has taken so much crap…from EVERYONE ..as Nintendo..and whats worst, simply for being themselves and protecting their creations, for having the balls of not submitting to other many peoples whims, for staying the course when they feel they are on to something that will bring joy to the very ungrateful people they are trying to please.

    in my childhood i played some atari 2600, some Odyssey.. and always ended losing interest after a while..but ever since Nes, there was no turning back. Every single platform (barring Virtual Boy) i had to have..why? to play their creations. bear in mind ive seen the rise of competition like Sony, Microsoft, Sega, among others (and HAVE entirely enjoyed their platform and games) but as creators they have never had that magic something that separates them from being simple companies and not creators, or artists.

    Back when it wasn’t cool to be a Gamer, we were bombarded by game after game, but only theirs stood the test of time and carry sentimental value..right up until the Playstation made it COOL to be a gamer ..and now the very first hardcore got mixed with the New wave of gamers (sorry to burst many a peoples bubble, but most of them were Casuals) and in hindsight it was probably the worst thing that could have happened IMO, because those whose very first console were ps1 forward lost sight of the struggles and the creativity involved in our consoles past, and of course the very center of it was Nintendo.

    Most of the media, Developers and publishers, many editors and worst of all the many blinded sheep of fanboys we have today..are slowly choking to death whats great in our industry, the proof is in the way they get “their rocks off” by the thought of an industry without Nintendo, if it ever happens though, my 26 years plus of gaming will come to an end.

  2. I agree my friend. Miyamoto once said ( believe me i tried to find that article) during the days of the gamecube that if Nintendo were to ever stop making hardware then they would stop making software and call it quits. Im right there with them. I own a pc and use steam. I own a ps3 but there is nothing like the magic of a Nintendo console. If they ever quit, as a gamer im out too unless i start making games myself.
    Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Im right with you with the Pc + steam combo,( i have a 3570k + 7850hd ) got it a year ago, and have loved it ever since.

    (buying a second card in Christmas) that being said, and to point out something else; I have purchased more hardware than i would like to admit (without feeling embarrassed) everything from: pc engine, super grafix, …gulp….3…d…o….(oh lord) and i admit to being at times a “graphics whore” but Never has that only aspect, made me buy a game, to me it has to have it all, or at least the basic combo (great story, gameplay..and even beautiful music..in other words a work of art, an effort give us an experience beyond pressing start and mashing buttons to TEH GRAAAAFICKKS!!.

    the point im trying to make, is a trend im noticing lately,
    Old school gamers or maybe just OLD gamers in general…are gravitating towards PC gaming to get their “grafics fix” and grabbing maybe 1 console for whatever exclusives… So many people take for granted that maybe when the 720+Ps4 comes out, they probably
    wont fly off the shelves as expected because of what i just pointed out..(among other factors: pricing,games available etc.)

    whatever happens, my Trusty “Insert ANY Nintendo system” will perfectly compliment my pc as my gaming world.
    …that is, as long as they stay with us..of course.

    Nice blog, and good luck in your ventures..
    ATT; Noel “HTAED7” Morales.

    • 3d0 huh? lol thanks for the support and i agree with you, it seems like the old school gamers are not buying into the pay 60 dollars for every generic shooter stuff. I Wii U and PC. and i love uncharted though. Thanks for stopping by im going to try and do one big article each weak with some smaller ones sprinkled in through out the weak.

  4. Nintendo is not dead and wont be for a long time, soon as the great games Ninty has to offer the system should start shifting. who knows maybe the ps4/xbox3 will flop, maybe the world is getting bored of home console gaming, its expensive and 90s lol Ninty can compete with the other consoles we have all seen what they can do yesh they are very powerful but if all they can hand out is battlefield 8 and COD 15 then im sorry it don’t matter how powerful you are those games suck.

    Cant wait for new Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Mario Kart, F-Zero, Starfox, SSB and all the rest!

    • I think Nintendo will be fine when those games release. Mario should be the game that shows off the true potential of the Wii U’s visuals. They don’t need EA’s games at all. They just formed a partnership with Sega and it could lead to great things. Thanks for supporting my blog. Hope to see you back soon

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