This site is nothing more than a half-ass attempt by non-industry insiders to make a name for themselves. How do you justify approving articles that read like they were written by a 4th grader and flag and remove articles that have a real heart and soul behind them. N4G  is run by fan boys and girls and should not be supported. You know who should be supported? The real gaming sites out there. IGN, Gametrailers, My Nintendo news.com,  Hip Hop Gamer and any other gaming site or blog that displays passion for the gaming industry. Say what you will about the big names but at least they have put in work and earned the place they have made for themselves. If you want the news then go straight to the source and don’t support N4G  as it is an embarrassing example of what taking yourself too seriously can do. Its as if the the approval process for posting articles is run  by retarded, blind monkeys. Make no mistake, this is a RANT! I guess it’s safe to say i’ll never get another article approved on N4G again, huh? So be it.


A few months ago i was going to post this article but thought it may be too much especially coming from an unknown blogger. Well…things have changed. Here’s my problem. N4G has a terrible approval system. They let anyone who has posted more than 5 articles approve someone else’s article. In fact, you have to approve several articles before you can post your 6th one, or something like that. What that means is the person doing the approval can know everything about gaming and writing for games, or know completely nothing at all. So when i see articles get approved that are just absolutely ridiculous and give off  the vibe that the person writing the article could care less about the content, well that upsets me. Why does it upset me? It upsets me because i know that there are very talented men and women with a passion for the gaming industry who deserve to have their opinion heard but can’t because of the stupid way articles get approved on N4G. It  feels like the people who are doing the approvals just click the approval button so they can hurry up and get back to posting their own articles. I understand that N4G isn’t the only place to post gaming related news but it is probably the most well known. Anyone who is looking to get into gaming journalism can benefit greatly from having their articles posted and read on N4G. N4G has a responsibility to separate the real journalism from the bull-crap. Now i know i’m not an industry professional. I’m just a blogger that loves the gaming industry and wanted to share my thoughts from time to time. Naturally i would love for my post’s to be read by as many readers as possible. I do believe that i have some interesting thoughts on gaming that i can contribute. At least that’s my take and you may disagree. N4G often will state that they may not consider you a valid source for news or that since your not an industry professional you can’t have an opinion on anything gaming related. At least one that matters. If those are your guidelines than fine. When you start relaxing those guidelines and letting just anyone post an article and that article gets approved then that’s where the problem comes in. I remember seeing and article talking about how Nintendo needed to release a new console in 2014 in order to compete with Microsoft and Sony even though they just released the Wii U. Come on! Seriously? Anyone with any industry sense would know just how ridiculous that article is. It was poorly written and felt like it came from a person who may not know anything about what’s going on in the industry. I don’t pretend to know everything, because i don’t but i do know that articles like that one should have not been approved. Now on the other hand, if N4G is putting themselves out there to be a forum for anyone to post what ever they feel is worthy then by all means post away. If that is in deed the route N4G has chosen then why would they flag and block an article that makes absolute sense and say that since it wasn’t written by an industry professional it can’t be posted. See what i’m saying. They are flip flopping. Proving my point even further is this article that you are reading right now. At the time i posted it on N4G it immediately started getting traffic and a few approvals. This is a straight up rant with an offensive picture. Who approved this? Why would someone who is supposed to look out for N4G’s best interests approve this? Hmmm….see what i’m getting at? This article got up to 110 degrees before N4G finally took it down. If you don’t know what that means it’s basically how N4G measures traffic. The more people that read an article the higher the degrees will rise. I was then told by the admin that if i ever posted anything like this again i will never be coming back to N4G. That’s fine with me since i will never post anything there again. My tactic may have been a harsh one and a bit offensive to some, but i was just trying to make a point and i will only apologize to those that follow me if my tactic was at all offensive to you. I can only speak from the heart and i feel N4G is wrong and they need to do some restructuring and make some admin improvements. Until then, i won’t personally post anything their again.


And yes…im WiiU Mad !!!


2 thoughts on “THE WiiUmad GAMER TAKES ON N4G

  1. I agree. They wouldn’t let me post an opinion piece on Final Fantasy because it was negative.

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