PS4: I’m Not Impressed (Update) I’m Somewhat Impressed

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Its the Dual Shock 4, Slash Wiiu/ vita !

PS4: No backwards compatibility. None of my PSN games or save data can be transferred to it. It will likely cost between 400-550 dollars. Sony , you must be outside of your damn mind if you think  i’m buying an expensive-ass console which the only advantages over the current PS3 are better graphics and a damn share button. The arrogance of Sony begins NOW!

No Backwards Compatibility


Hold On To Your PS3 If You Ever Want To Play Your Games In The Future

Ok, so according to a report by http://www.gameinformer.com , Engadget has spoken to Sony’s Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida, who stated that neither PSN nor PS3 game saves will be able to make the jump to the new console. David Perry, who works for Gaikai stated that Sony would like to bring multiple generations of Playstaion games to the PS4 via the cloud at some point in the PS4’s lifecycle. Looks like you better keep your PS3 if you want to play all of those games that you spent 60 dollars a piece on. What a joke.


Better Graphics


Looks Good. Now What?

Don’t Get me wrong, if what was shown at the Sony press conference was actual in-game footage and not CGI or just a bunch of tech demos then the PS4 is a graphical beast. One game in particular stood out as the best thing iv’e seen in a video game ever. That game (or tech demo) was Capcoms Down Under. It featured a Knight fighting a dragon and believe me when i say there has never been anything like it before. The lighting and animation were beyond anything the current gen consoles could ever produce and that counts for the Wii U as well. Will this come at a high price? I believe so since Sony did not even touch on pricing. Prepare to empty your wallets. Not me though.

Sony’s (wrong) Answer To Nintendo’s Gamepad



Don’t act like you think this is an amazing idea. A touch pad and a share button, hmm were have i seen something like this before? Ok, it is pretty cool that you can actually capture and share in-game footage of you paying a game and send it to a friend. You can even allow a friend to magically take over your game if you want. Pretty cool. Game changer? Hell no!

That’s All Folks!

I have a brother who swears by Sony and thinks the PS4 will be the worlds greatest thing since Moses leading the Children of Israel out of Egypt. I beg to differ. Look i owned a PS3 and loved it but Sony lost me when it decided that backwards compatibility wasn’t important for my on-disc games or my PSN content. To make me re-buy them again in some fashion is not ok. Your probably thinking, “what about Nintendo making you re-buy classic NES titles via virtual console”? You do realize those games are like 25 years old, right? The point is that every console should be compatible with at least the previous generation to some degree. Making you start fresh feels unfair. The PS4 will definitely be a graphical powerhouse but i’m not convinced it will come cheap. I’m not ready to spend another 500 dollars on a game machine, are you?

As always let me know your thoughts on the subject and tell me what makes Wii U Mad?


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