Will The PS4 and Next Xbox cause the Wii U to become Obsolete?



Super Powers Unite!

If you listen to the gaming media than you would believe that Nintendo is on it’s way to becoming the next Sega. With the PS4 and Next Xbox just around the corner, sites like Game Trailers and IGN seem convinced that the Wii U is destined to go out like the Dreamcast. Is it possible?

The Dreamcast Was Simultaneously The “Next Big Thing” As Well As Obsolete. So IS Wii U


Ahead of its time, yet behind the next gen curve

When the Dreamcast was released it represented the next big step in gaming. Higher resolution graphics, more polygons, and online gaming. Great games found a home on the system as well. Games such as Sonic Adventure, Street Fighter 3, and Soul Calibur. So what went wrong? We all no that Sega had plenty of problems before releasing the Dreamcast. Problems witch finally caught up to them forcing Sega out of the hardware business. It didn’t make matters any better for them having three major consoles ready to enter the hardware race and compete directly against them. Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube, All of witch featured advanced tech that showed gamer’s what the future of what their beloved hobby would look like. From having built in DVD players to hard drives, to improved online functionality with Xbox Live, the Dreamcast simply couldn’t compete. What does this say about the Wii U?

Well as of right now i’m sure most people will agree that the Wii U is more of a capable piece of hardware than both the 360 and PS3. Almost everyone can see the potential of the system due to it’s innovative touch screen controller. Nintendo has even taken online a step further with it’s Miiverse service. We all saw the Nintendo direct that showed us a glimpse into the future of Wii U with games like Wind Waker HD, Monolith’s untitled RPG, the Wonderful 101, and Pikmin 3. There is no doubt the Wii U has potential but is it enough?

Sony is expected to announce the PS4 on February 20th, 2013. If you believe the rumors than you would know that the PS4 will boast visuals that far exceed that of witch the Wii U is capable of not to mention the advancements to Sony’s online experience. Microsoft’s next Xbox is expected to be just as powerful as the PS4. It is well documented that many of the big 3rd party games headed to PS3 and 360 are skipping Wii U. EA seems to be giving the console the cold shoulder all together, pulling games like Madden and FIFA for next year. From what we can tell, games that are believed to be next gen have been all but confirmed for Microsoft and Sony’s new machines with no mention of Wii U. Why? Could it be that Nintendo’s console doesn’t seem to bee selling as well as many would have hoped? Could it be that developers just don’t have the faith that their titles will sell well on a Nintendo console that is generally marketed towards family gaming? Or could it simply be that the Wii U will be vastly inferior compared to the upcoming consoles and developers simply CAN’T port their games to it? How about all of the above? So far all we have seen from the Wii U is alot of potential but nothing truly groundbreaking. It’s only been about three month’s since the console has launched and it seems almost unfair to judge it so harshly so early. Be that as it may, it is very unsettling to see such a lack of support for Nintendo from both developers and the gaming media. What can Nintendo do to turn things around?

Games! Games! Games!


Greatest Franchises in Gaming!

Nintendo has the best franchises in gaming. Period! You may feel like you’ve outgrown some of them and that’s fine but no one can deny the charm and fantastic gameplay that Nintendo games regularly represent. Nintendo’s franchises have carried them through console generations before. N64, and Gamecube succeeded because of the fantastic first party titles available for them. The Wii was a different phenomenon. It succeeded because of it’s innovative control scheme but make no mistake, it was the fantastic first party offerings that kept that console on the radar as well. Could Nintendo repeat this success with the Wii U? They have to. If developers are going to skip the console in favor of more powerful offerings from Microsoft and Sony then the Wii U has to be a showcase for the best that Nintendo has to offer.

When the Wii launched alongside the PS3 no one thought it would compete due to being vastly under powered. It was the unique way to play games and fantastic titles like Twilight Princes, Metroid Prime, and Smash Bros among others that kept the Wii going strong in its early years. I personally had hoped that the Wii U could turn out to be the second coming of the SNES meaning it would be a haven for excellent first and third party support. If things continue the way they are currently going then id be happy to see the Wii U turn out to be like the N64. Why the N64? Think about it. The N64 gave us what are arguably considered to be the best games in the Zelda, Mario, and Mario Kart franchises. The N64 was a revolution for Nintendo’s top titles. The Wii U could do the same. The way Nintendo is talking about reinventing Zelda coupled with the touch screen controller we could see a second revolution in regards to Nintendo’s franchises. Nintendo needs this. We need to see all of their franchises make a triumphant return and not just the popular titles, either. Nintendo needs Wave Race. How awesome would a Punch-Out sequel look on the Wii U? The next Mario title needs to blow us all away in the same manner that Galaxy 1 and 2 did. When gaming generations have passed and gamers reflect on the industry, the Wii U needs to be looked at as that Nintendo system that provided absolutely the best experiences first party goodness even more so than the SNES did. Only time will tell.

Never Count Nintendo Out


Down but not out

The gaming media loves to count Nintendo out. They did it with the Gamecube and they did it with the Wii. The 3Ds got the same bashing and now the Wii U. What do all of these consoles have in common? They all turned out to be a success. Nintendo is still here, alive and kicking. I will admit that if they don’t start releasing some major games BEFORE Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles then things will only get worse. We have no idea what Nintendo may have up its sleeve. We could very well see an onslaught of 3rd party support at E3 that will shock us all. Speaking of E3 i believe Nintendo cant afford not to blow us all away. I think Nintendo will be just fine as long as they release a steady stream of GOOD content throughout the Wii U’s life span. I believe gamers aren’t so fixated on visual fidelity that they would completely ignore awesome games from Nintendo. Never the less the ball is in their court. It may be Sony’s move next with Microsoft’s soon to follow but Nintendo can still control the game and i don’t think this is a game they can afford to loose.

As always let me know what you think and don’t forget to let me know what makes Wii U Mad!


5 thoughts on “Will The PS4 and Next Xbox cause the Wii U to become Obsolete?

  1. Nope. Nintendo hasn’t died yet. No reason why they would now.

  2. It was obsolete from a tech stand point a year before it came out. O bet developers could make great games with PS2 today, doesn’t mean its not obsolete.

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