Beer And Hip-Hop



Sorry iv’e been away for a few weeks guys. I came down with the flu or something and ended up becoming pretty ill for some time. Yes, yes, i know you missed me. Wipe the tears away and cry no more for i have returned. Iv’e returned and I’m pissed. Why do people put other people down when they are only trying to do their best? It’s time to go on a rant! The Subject? Marcus Beer.

The Annoyed Gamer


Who  are you to judge, Marcus? You went off on a rant about how the Hip-Hop Gamer proclaims to be the “number one journalist” and how he is a plagiarist. Marcus Beer went on to say that Hip-Hop gamer represents everything that is wrong with gaming and that he’s a “bad joke”. This was all in response to the ECA (  Entertainment Consumers Association) naming Hip-Hop gamer as their brand ambassador. Marcus claims that as a result of this decision those who don’t approve of or understand gaming will now have a “field day” with negative press towards it.  Marcus’s comments were uncalled for and overly harsh. What about the intense raving, ranting and Marcus’s use of profanity at every turn.? I guess because he’s on a popular gaming site it’s ok. Right? Look Marcus can say what he like and speak in such a way that he desires so why can’t HHG?  Hip-Hop gamer is by no means perfect but he’s got a heart and a passion for the gaming industry. Instead of Marcus bashing him, how about trying to help him. Reach out to him and see if he cant offer up some encouragement. We as people need to be lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. I enjoy Marcus’s show on Game Trailers. He has been in the industry for quite some time and he seems to know what he is talking about. He’s good at what he does. I believe Marcus also has a passion for this industry which maybe the reason why he attacked the Hip-Hop Gamer. Maybe he honestly feels that Hip-Hop Gamer doesn’t take gaming seriously enough. My problem is that had Marcus been paying attention to this guy he would have noticed a guy just trying to make it. A guy who just may not have the tools to get the job done the way it should be. Even if  the Hip-Hop Gamer lacked the proper training to be  considered a professional  journalist is the exact reason  why instead of tearing him down he should have contacted him to offer up some friendly and professional advice. What really pissed me off is that Marcus Beer had the nerve to tell Hip-Hop Gamer that he would give him a few months to get his act together. Then what! What then, Marcus?! Who the are you? You attack a man’s character then tell him you will give him time to sort himself out as if you were humanities judge. Last time i checked the Annoyed Gamer show wasn’t hosted by Jesus Christ.

Skip to the last segment to  hear his comments on the Hip-Hop Gamer

The ECA Is Just Trying To Do Something Positive For Someone Else



The ECA had this to say about the Hip-Hop Gamer.

Gerard approached us wanting to know what he could do to help the cause. He’s in the process of turning his life around, becoming more professional and inspirational to his friends and followers. It’s exceedingly rare that we have individuals approach the organization laying it all out there, offering to do whatever they can, and asking for nothing in return. While we weren’t aware of any of his perceived transgressions online, we choose to embrace his support, his efforts and his selflessness. If we were all judged solely upon the negatives in our past we would all be damned. We would like to give him the opportunity to be a voice for gamers and a positive role model for gaming.

Read more at http://www.destructoid.com/uh-oh-hip-hop-gamer-is-eca-s-new-brand-ambassador-244162.phtml#riQ9Ey8Z1QCxkykk.99

The man is clearly trying to change for the better. I will agree that his show may not be fancy or have the greatest production values when compared to shows like Annoyed Gamer or Invisible Walls but  like i said earlier, maybe Hip-Hop Gamer doesn’t currently have the resources  to create a more professional looking show. Ive said it time and time again, he has the heart. Someone just may need to come along side him and give him a little help. He is clearly trying to make the best of what he has. The ECA obviously saw this and they seem to stand by their decision to name the Hip-Hop Gamer as their brand ambassador. Not everyone agrees with this decision. People are saying that he is a stereotypical black male and that maybe he’s too “ghetto”. People like that clearly don’t comprehend what being “ghetto” really is and as far as him being the stereotypical black male then what does that make Geoff Keighly? The stereotypical white guy? Do you people not notice the words Hip and Hop in his name? He’s acting just as his the name Hip-Hop Gamer implies. The last thing I want to bring up is the Hip-Hop Gamer’s attempt to talk things out with Marcus Beer. He took to Twitter to try and get a one on one discussion with Marcus and he responded in a less than polite way.


Really Marcus? He wouldn’t even give the man a chance. Hip-Hop Gamer has nothing to prove to Marcus Beer or anyone else. Period! 

Room For Improvement

The Hip-Hop Gamer is not without his faults. Just like with you and I, there is always room for improvement. I can’t wait to see HHG take the next step further in his career and make advancements with his shows production. He is already becoming a force to be reckoned with. Time will just make him even more of a “Bad-Ass”.  Maybe Marcus doesn’t like the fact that the Hip-Hop Gamer’s speech and body language is a bit on the thug side but if that be the case, Marcus needs to understand that Hip-Hop is in the mans veins. He probably spits rhymes in his sleep. To be fair the last few interviews that iv’e seen the Hip-Hop Gamer conduct were pretty good. He is definitely improving. Lastly Id love to see this guy get his own custom belt. Hip-Hop Gamer currently uses John Cena’s old WWE belt (replica) complete with custom spinner witch was meant to imitate a spinning rim of a car. He needs to have his own custom belt with the Hip-Hop Gamer logo on it. Marcus Beer didn’t seem to like the belt at all. I think its fun to watch the  Hip-Hop Gamer  interview someone then place the belt on their shoulder as they answer his questions. It places an importance on the person being interviewed and is says something about the value that the Hip-Hop gamer  places on each individual that he conducts interviews with. Its cool to watch.  Improving one’s self takes time. It’s called growth and it doesn’t happen overnight. It especially doesn’t happen by someone else tearing you down for your mistakes. Using the word faggot when referring to someone else is flat out wrong. Hip-Hop Gamer knows this. He apologized for it. Let it go!

Straight from his mouth

Why Am I Such a Supporter?

I support the Hip-Hop Gamer because we all want to get somewhere in life. We all want to be better than we were last year. We all make mistakes and everyone needs and deserves forgiveness as long as they are truly making attempts to change. Nothing can be worse than someone being held back for mistakes they made in the past. Your past mistakes may dictate were you are today but they damn sure don’t determine were you go in the future. When I see someone trying to stay positive and make positive changes in their life, how can I do anything but lend support even if that support is just a few encouraging words. I have this to say to the Hip-Hop Gamer. Great things are coming. We all go through seasons in our life that if we embrace and learn from then iy will make us stronger and hopefully better  then we were yesterday. If you are truly trying to make a positive change in your life then let no man stop you. Keep doing what you do. You end all of your videos and interviews with “God bless” so if you believe He blesses then believe that if you trust in Him He will lead you to were you need to be. To Marcus Beer I have this to say. I agree with you more times than not. You know this industry and I believe you have some good insight into what is going on within it. Keep up the good work but try not to be so critical of others  especially those who are putting forth effort to become a better man. Lets support each other more. 

As always let me know how you feel about the matter and tell me what makes Wii U Mad?


2 thoughts on “Beer And Hip-Hop

  1. Jesus Christ told the people they should humiliate themselves. So no, Marcus Beer is certainly not a humble person –
    I think this whole story is quite shameful for a man in his position. It’s arrogant to say the least, and also quite problematic for Viacom presenting such things. It’s one thing to condemn homophobic slurs, but another to criticize someone because of his belt or even suggesting that this person would show violent behavior in public, not liking the way he talks and so forth.
    I don’t like the language of Mr. Beer either, his smoking or drinking. Now knowing about this incident, I promise not watching his show anymore –

  2. I hear you. I have to watch his show with my finger on the volume button just because i have kids that i dont want hear his foul language. Invisibel walls is guilty of this too.

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