Nintendo takes a crap on its critics: Haters still gonna hate, though

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Is your body ready?

Wii U has no games. Wii U is outdated tech. Nintendo keeps making Mario. This is the same old tired song that Nintendo’s critics keep singing. Sony and Microsoft fan-boys as well as critics can only dream of a day when their misinformed and foolish predictions come true. Good news is the dream is dead. Nintendo is alive and kicking and during their Nintendo Direct video they once again showed why they are a major player and a force to be reckoned with in the games industry. Haters still gonna hate, though.

Coming 2013 !


Don’t forget that GameBoy Advance games are coming too!

Lets start off with talking about the Wii U virtual console. Since the Wii U launched, gamer’s have been asking Nintendo for the ability to play their VC games on the Game Pad. Your requests have been heard and Nintendo is about to grant you your wish. Nintendo is going to be launching the Wii U VC sometime in the spring and starting this month Nintendo will offer select VC games for you to try out on your Wii U. One game a month will be featured on the Nintendo eShop at a cost of 30 cents each and will remain at that price point until the program officially launches sometime around the spring. Once the full Wii U VC has launched you can purchase and download Nes, Snes, and now Gameboy Adcance games with later platforms to be announced at a later date. If you already have VC games that you purchased on the original Wii, you can -at the cost of up to $1.50-  transfer your games to the Wii U VC. Playing your games on the Wii U VC allows you to take advantage of a number of functions not available if your just playing your VC games in the Wii U’s original Wii mode. First, your able to play VC titles on the Game Pad and even in Game Pad only mode. You are given the option to fully customize the controls to your liking as well as save and load game states. The Wii U VC is exactly the feature Nintendo needed to introduce to its new console and the fact that you can download GameBoy Advance games is a huge plus. It will be interesting to see which other platforms Nintendo decides to embrace in the future. DS, maybe?

Not much information was given on Bayonetta 2 but Platinum Games did give us an early look into development with a behind the scenes video. Platinum is hard at work improving Bayonetta 2 with more diverse locations and expanding upon what made the original game so great as well as trying to maximize the Wii U’s hardware. Hopefully we can get our first look at game play at this years E3.

We also got a new look at Pikmin 3. Nintendo revealed that you will be able to use the Wii U Game Pad as a camera and take pictures of your encounters in the game and upload them to the MiiVerse. Speaking of MiiVerse, Nintendo also announced that user created communities will be a feature coming soon to MiiVerse. That’s pretty cool given the popularity of the MiiVerse.


Gorgeous graphics

Last but not least we got a new trailer for the Wonderful 101. The game is looking pretty slick in the visual department and the gameplay looks interesting and most importantly fun. I would expect nothing less from the masters over at Platinum Games.

Coming Soon!


You have NEVER seen an HD remake done this well! No!…you haven’t !

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was announced as an HD remake. This isn’t your standard HD upscale like your typical “remakes”. Nintendo has gone ahead and re-done the lighting and tweaked the gameplay. Here’s to hoping that Nintendo decides to include the two dungeons that were cut from the original Gamecube release of Wind Waker.  The game is set to arrive in the fall of this year which is great news since it will be a while until we get our hands on Links next all new adventure.



Nothing much is known about this next game but Shin Megami X Fire Emblem is the newest collaboration between Nintendo and a major third party developer. Nintendo will be teaming up with Atlus to bring you this exciting new cross over sometime in the near future.

Yoshi is the star of a new game and its been quite a few years since hes headed up his own title. Following in the footsteps of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Nintendo looks to be giving Yoshi the “stringy” makeover.


Only Nintendo could pull off a game like this

Now this particular title blew my mind. Most of you know of XenoBlade Chronicles for the original Wii and it looks like the Wii U may be getting the sequel or at least an entry in the same universe. Simply going by the name of X (in big, bold, red type) this game looks amazing. It’s got wide open areas that seem to stretch out as far as the eye can see, not to mention mechs fighting dinosaurs. X looks to be an action RPG  following in the footsteps of XenoBlade. Sworld-wielding hero’s fighting along side transforming mechs is always a recipe for greatness. Given the developers pedigree, i’m confident this game will be one of the premier RPG’s of this coming generation.

Looking Towards E3

Nintendo gave us a look into what to expect at this years E3 stating that both Mario and Mario Kart will show up in playable form. The next SMASH Bros is also expected to be at the show but it’s unclear if it will also be in playable form or just a few screen shots shared by Nintendo but rest assured that SMASH Bros. will be attending the big dance.

Not Convinced? 

  1. Lego City Undercover
  2. Aliens Colonial Marines
  3. Injustice: God’s Among Us
  4. Resident Evil Revelations
  5. Rayman legends
  6. The Wonderful 101
  7. Game & Wario
  8. Monster Hunter 3
  9. Need for Speed Most Wanted
  10. Pikmin 3
  11. Bayonetta 2
  12. Zelda HD remake

Those are just the titles we know about that have a 2013 release date and most of them are just around the corner as well. The Wii U’s line up is filled with great releases and if you own the system then you have plenty to look forward to. Sure there are some omissions but there is no denying that the Wii U has a very Solid year ahead of it. Like i said…”Haters Still gonna Hate”

Leave your comments and questions and as always let me know what makes Wii U Mad?


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