NintenDoomed? Caution: must be read with an open mind!




“you cant do this on Nintendo!”

If your’e a “fanboy” then…



64 bits of failure

       A New generation of gaming brings on a whole new set of reasons why Nintendo is once again doomed. Remember the N64? Of course you do. It gave us Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Wave Race 64, Mario Kart 64, and Smash Bros. alongside a few other honorable mentions. Outside of the legendary first party support, the N64 didnt get much support from third parties. Not like the playstation. No Final Fantasy, no tekken, no street fighter, no resident evil (until a port of RE2) no Metal Gear and i could go on and on. The point is that the N64 may have been the beginning of the end for Nintendo. Relationships with third party developers weren’t as smooth as Nintendo probably wanted and the fact that no one wanted to put their games on  a cartridge based format anymore proved to foreshadow the events that would one day reshape the industries perception of Nintendo. 



Nintendo forgot to pack enough delicious third-party support in my purple lunch box!

The purple piece of #!!##**!!!##@@@ (don’t try and think of a word that fits)

       Continuing the trend of not wanting to be like everyone else, Nintendo released the Gamecube. At a time when Microsoft and Sony were releasing consoles that had built in DVD players Nintendo opted out  instead going with a proprietary mini DVD format. Third party support for big games was once again all but absent. I can remember many people in the gaming media calling the Gamecube a purple lunch box and poking fun at the fact that Nintendo included a carrying handle on the back of the console. Hard core Nintendo fans were treated to Smash bros. Melee, Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime, and Zelda Wind Waker but anyone who owned a PS2 or Xbox would have little reason to pick up Nintendo’s purple box. When the consoles lifespan was nearing its end, chants of “Nintendo is doomed” filled the air. Despite being a successful console for Nintendo it was clear that the industry was moving past the 80’s gaming giant in favor of a more realistic and “mature” (i use that term loosely) gaming trend. 



You want me to come over and play with your WHAT!

       The Wii. Stupid name, fun innovation. When the Wii first launched it had everyone excited. You. Me. Our mom’s and grandma’s. Everyone was on the Wii bandwaggon. No one cared that the console was pretty much a Gamecube with a motion controller attached. They cared about what mattered most. The innovative new way to play games. Once you got beyond Wii sports that’s when things looked different. Where were the great first party games. We got Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. We got Zelda , Metroid and Smash Bros. Brawl. The consoles first few years looked pretty bright. Fast forward to about year 3 and its a different story. A complete drought. Don’t you dare mention Kirby! I do acknowledge the Last Story and Xenoblade. What else? Not only was the Wii under powered which began to become more noticeable as the years went on but the console had the worst representation of Nintendo’s first party titles outside Mario Galaxy. Nintendo even stopped supporting it in the end. Oh and i didn’t even touch on how everyone made fun of the stupid name. Yeah the Wii sold far greater than any system not named the Ps2 but lets be honest. The Wii was crap. Worst Nintendo console of all time. Period. 



Will this time be any different?

       By the way things are going with the Wii U i’m not sure things will be any different than they were with the Wii. I’m speaking in terms of third party support in which the Wii had none. Already  the Wii U is missing out on franchises like Bioshock, Tomb Raider, GTA5, and Crysis. Developers have even stated that making a game for the Wii U just doesn’t make business sense for them. That’s sad. Analysts are now predicting that Nintendo will have to consider bringing its first party titles to other platforms. I think Nintendo would willingly go under before they do that but the point is that as it stands right now no one seems to have any faith in Nintendo and once again are calling it “The End” for the company. Apparently sales of the Wii U aren’t even that stellar. What can Nintendo do to change this?



This could be a game changer

Nintendo could make or break themselves at E3

       Nintendo has a lot to prove with the Wii U. Anyone who doesn’t believe this needs to stop being a “fanboy” for just two seconds. Key titles are missing from Wii U’s 2013 line up. We don’t know of any first party titles coming outside Pikmin 3. Why should anyone buy this console. Nintendo’s E3 event could provide the answers. Ken Levine once said that Bioshock would never come to the Ps3. Look how that turned out. We could very well see an announcement made for a Wii U version at E3. What about GTA 5. Unlikely but if Miyamoto was really out and about personally trying to persuade third parties to jump on board then you would have to think his influence holds some weight. Lets just say we get the worst case scenario at E3 and the Wii U gets virtually no third party support. Nintendo would have to bring out its major first party franchises in a way that revolutionizes them in the same way their N64 counterparts did. We would need to see major Nintendo titles release in 2013 and starting early in the year, too. With no announcements yet, Nintendo needs to make waves before E3. Nintendo needs to give us one of their Direct video’s detailing a major release that’s not Pokemon related. At the end of the day i think that the worst case scenario for the Wii U is that it could end up another Gamecube. This isn’t all that bad since Gamecube gave us some amazing software. Nintendo doesn’t need another Gamecube though. It sure as hell doesn’t need another Wii. Nintendo needs the Wii U to be looked at as the second coming of the greatest console of all time. The SNES. I think next gen they should hang up the “Wii” name and focus on a more core experience. Its what people want. Gamers don’t want innovation. They don’t want fun. They want realistic graphics, and shooting. Period. And sex. And cursing. And nudity. Point is Nintendo is looking mighty outdated the more time time passes. Microsoft and Sony could very well push Nintendo out the door with their new consoles. Heck, this may be the last Nintendo console i support on day one. As of right no my Wii U is a Netflix player. 

As always, i want to know what you think and tell me…What makes Wii U Mad?



2 thoughts on “NintenDoomed? Caution: must be read with an open mind!

  1. you pretty much summed it all up. that’s what i think of nintendo, too. the sad point is: nintendo does not need to change anything. they opened the pandora’s box of satisfying non-gamers with non-games. that market is a huge one. so i do not expect any change of direction from nintendo. my wii u? maybe i will sell it within 6 months and forget all about its existence. like i did with the wii. and the 3ds. the hardest thing of letting go of nintendo completely is the power of nostagia. if it wasn’t for the snes-experiences i had i would have abandoned nintendo a long time ago. but i am confident that the wii u was the last console i bought from bigN. and they will not even know it because the heckloads of money their casual-audience is bringing to the table.

    it’s just like the odd situation in a relationship where one part decided to end it and move on (nintendo moving on to casual-land) while the other part (me, the longterm client) is still in love and needs a very harsh reality-check to realize what is going on. i guess i had my fair share of harsh reality-checks concerning nintendo. the wii being a big one, the 3ds also not a small one and not the wii u.. the final stroke, i guess.

  2. I feel you on that. Everyone wants Nintendo to succeed in same way i believe. I think their problem is believing that the casual care about gaming. They don’t. i understand Nintendo trying to branch out to different consumers. They are a business. So that makes sense. They just need to realize who has been supporting them all these years. Also i believe that some third parties just don’t want to deal with them anymore. They make money on Microsoft and Sony consoles with no problems. Why take a risk on a Nintendo console that sells mainly to core Nintendo fans and casuals? i think that if Nintendo doesn’t blow us away with software this year, its over. And they cant’t wait till E3 to do it. Start now. Thanks for visiting the site and reading the article. I hope you come back soon. ill have another one up on this same topic but dealing with what Nintendo can do right in order to really get ahead of Sony and Microsofts next gen consoles.

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