Screw the gaming industry! Oh…This is a rant !




There are more important things in this world!

Maybe its me. Maybe it’s you, too. Iv’e been a gamer since the early 80’s and the more i grow with the industry the more i grow ashamed of it. I’m in my early 30’s and i’m still not quite comfortable with telling certain individuals that i play video games. It also has nothing to do with me being insecure. I’m a husband and a father and i take care of business. It’s the immaturity of the gaming industry that makes me feel this way. I’m slowly moving away from gaming. Slowly getting sick of the industry. My last article about Sandy Hook made me think a about something. Something that brought me to this conclusion. Screw the game industry!

Games ARE art, created by artists so they’re not my problem. 

My problem is the friggin’ childish nature of the men in this industry. From the publisher and certain developers to the game journalist who are severely lacking common sense. How much time and money is being wasted on the garbage that gets created now days? What is the purpose of a video game anyway? I always thought of it as an outlet to explore distant lands that i obviously couldn’t visit in the real world. I remember the first time i got lost in the world of Metroid as a child and i wasn’t even the one playing. I was watching my older brother play through one of the latter parts of the game were he was just introduced to the life sucking Metroids and i remember looking away in fear and hoping he would make it out alive. Awesome!   I remember playing Super Mario Bros. with my cousins and spending countless hours trying to reach world 8-4. As a child you already have quite the imagination as it is, now add on top of that a video game that even further pushes the limits of your imagination and you have got a powerful combination. Now that was the 80’s. With today’s advancements in computer technology these worlds we visit have become more lifelike than we could have ever imagined during the decade when we were playing Excite Bike and Tecmo Bowl. So why does it feel that these worlds are becoming less and less creative. Everything is going the way of “gritty” and “photo realistic”. Games that have kept in line with a more retro design (Mario Galaxy) are looked at as “kiddie” and not taken seriously. Why? I feel exploring the edges of Hyrule and speed running through the Mushroom Kingdom is far more fun than shooting hordes of Locusts. 



Are these guys really the future of gaming? 

Selfish Gamers

Yeah i called you selfish! So?! 

When i wrote the article about gaming violence being linked to “real” violence i got a bit of criticism. Hell, anytime anyone mentions gaming and real world violence in the same sentence they get criticized but damn, how bout showing you have an open mind and are not just a blind video game “punk” fanboy. No one can ever question the industry right? If i had a week i could write down all the VALID reasons people have to link video game violence to “real” violence. Read this: http://wiiumadgamers.com/2012/12/22/should-video-games-be-on-the-hook-for-sandy-hook/
Instead of gamers taking a step back and looking at their beloved industry and at least giving the argument the time of day, what do they do? They cry about it. Oh woe is me and my precious video games! Right? Yeah that’s you.

Selfish Industry

You know what journalist and game publishers think about you? Not a damn good thing! For publishers you are a meal ticket. A dupe and a moron. Some gamers act like it too. For journalist your mindless sheep. Again, some gamers act like it. Journalist feel everything has to be grown up and adult. More bullets, more blood. There is definitely a bias against Nintendo and if you say you disagree then punch yourself in the face. A company like Nintendo that simply tries to bring some creativity and FUN to gaming gets slammed cause their games don’t show what is considered to be mature content. Wait… cursing, explosions, guns and digital titties make for mature content? People have the nerve to say that this is what grown men play. If you are over 25 and this is your idea of mature entertainment then please refrain from calling yourself an adult. Shave your pubic area and talk with a squeak in your voice cause it seems your mind has ceased from developing over the past decade or so. Publishers and certain developers would have you believe that the future of gaming includes you spending around $500 of your hard earned money on a new console because only a more powerful graphics card and such can produce “next gen” results. More Power! More Power! More Power! Buy! Buy! Buy! You have kids? No problem. Don’t feed them. you need the money to buy $80 dollar games this coming “next gen” anyways. Making minimum wage and just got married. Great! Skip out on your honey moon and save up for a Playstation 4. Am i being too extreme here? Just making the point that people don’t have the money to spend on gaming anymore. Especially when they offer little more than a way for you to just sit on your couch and twittle your thumbsticks. Ive said it before, buy a pc instead. Stop padding these guys wallets. Screw ’em. They aren’t thinking about you.

Video Games just aren’t important

They are fun. Just not important. I play games to have fun. Fun with my kids. Fun with my wife. Fun on my own. Gaming isn’t a lifestyle for me and it shouldn’t be for anyone else. Guess there may be exceptions to that. When developers want to nickle and dime me for every piece of DLC on top of charging me $60 dollars for an 8 hour game then that’s when i start to get weary. The current gen consoles still have life in them regardless of the mindless dribble that comes out of Marcus Beer and Shane Satterfield’s mouth. You see how Kojima’s new Fox engine looks. That’s an engine! We don’t need new consoles. Nintendo needed to release the Wii U because they handled the Wii like a joke and developers had a good laugh at it. Now that the consoles are at parity lets leave it that way. If Sony and Microsoft can produce consoles that don’t exceed $300 than great. Just what would the advantage be over current gen consoles? For $300 dollars i doubt it would be graphics. Then why release one? Would they take a Nintendo approach and focus on gameplay innovation? They need to. I believe gamers have spent too much money investing in the current gen systems already just to turn around and have to do it again so soon. Yes i know this is the longest console generation we have ever had and i dont think it’s done. Or should it be. The truth is publishers want money. What better way to get it than to piggy back off new hardwdare. Never mind just coming up with new franchises and fresh ideas for existing ones. Never mind improving your game engines and maximizing what’s already on the market. Just convince everyone that they need “new” consoles. We need new consoles like an iPad owner needs a needs a new iPad.

I’m Done!

This may be my last console generation. I love Nintendo. I’m getting more and more attached to Steam. I’m just not sure if i want to continue supporting the current industry. I’m getting tired. It’s expensive, no longer innovative, and lacking real maturity. Most of you may not agree with me and that’s ok. Just have an open mind and think about what your spending your time and money on versus what your getting in return. Do we really need new consoles. Are $60 games worth it anymore. Think about it. As always let me know what you guys think and tell me?…What makes Wii U Mad?


4 thoughts on “Screw the gaming industry! Oh…This is a rant !

  1. While what you’ve said makes sense in so many ways and is meant to be an eye-opener, it just reads like a rant from someone with pent-up frustation at the industry and the surrounding community.

    I like what I read and the intention is pretty clear, but it just comes off as a rant. Sorry if I’m not seeing eye to eye with you on that – also, it’s not wish to insult the audience if you want them to keep reading the content of your “truthiness”.

  2. it IS the truth, well written dude

  3. Thanks. lol. i hope you come back again.

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