Why focusing solely on hardware specs today will disappoint you next -gen.

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How much are you willing to spend on this?

In 2013 Microsoft and Sony will announce their “next-gen” consoles.This announcement alone will surely destroy Nintendo’s future plans for the Wii U. Sony and Microsoft’s consoles will simply be too far advanced in future technology for Nintendo’s “current-gen” console to compete. What!? Wait!…Get that nonsense the hell out of here! That garbage is what Sony, Microsoft, and several of the big gaming sites would have you believe. Don’t buy in to it. Why? Focusing solely on hardware specs today will disappoint you next-gen.


“It’s hard to say right now. I do not think we’ll have a console with a lot better graphics than the PS3 currently offered. I believe the future will be to offer consumers better and more accessible experience .The aim will be to make more people enter the world of video games and try to design titles for women.”

That was a quote from James Armstrong who is the VP of SCEE. (CEO SCE Spain+Portugal) You can read the article that was translated and posted on Gaming Bolt.


I’ve touched on this before but who in their right mind can afford another 400$ to 500$ gaming console. You might as well spend that money on a PC at least you can use it for a million other task’s on top of having the definitive version of your favorite non first party title. Sony and Microsoft know’s this and as much as they won’t admit it they know Nintendo is on the right track by offering gameplay innovation (Their specialty) over supped up specs. Its just too expensive for the consumer. Of course Microsoft and Sony can and most likely will sell their new consoles at a loss but how much of that cost do you expect they’l absorb? Eventually some of that cost will pass to consumers. 80$ games, maybe? Look i’m not saying The “nest-gen” consoles won’t be more capable than the Wii U. It will be newer tech, of course they will. I just don’t feel they’ll be anymore capable than the Wii U is over the current PS3 and 360. Maybe a little more. Definitely the leap won’t be as significant as the jump from Ps2 to Ps3. Don’t believe me? How bout you take Crytek’s word for it. In an article from http://www.Gimmegimmegames.com, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that there wasn’t even a strong chance that the brand new PS4 and 720 would be on par with the current AVERAGE PC on the market today. He went on to say this…

“But PC has caught up. With current generation consoles and what’s on the horizon – new ones – due to the fact that the cost of CPU and memory are so much more expensive than they were in the past, it is simply impossible to have the same kind of impact on the console business; to be so far ahead of PC.”

(Here’s the link :http://gimmegimmegames.com/2012/12/crytek-ceo-says-next-gen-wont-be-as-big-of-a-leap-as-360ps3-were-crysis-3-maxes-current-consoles/)

Now you see why Microsoft has been pushing Kinect and Smart Glass. They see the huge potential in reaching out to the casual market. Microsoft saw the attention and most importantly, the revenue that the Wii brought in. They want that. So doe’s Sony. This is why they will focus on multimedia. Streaming services like Hulu and Netflix continue to surge and they due very well on consoles. Adding more of these types of services will bring in the casual base looking to do more than play videogames. Look at Nintendo’s approach with WiiUTvii. Like the idea or not this  is the type of service the next-gen consoles will be focusing on. Finally i think we may be getting to a point were better graphics just isn’t enough. Developer’s are gonna have to start pushing gameplay innovation over polygons if they want to stay viable in the market.


Sorry Microsoft but “uncanny valley” is in another castle.


Polygons, textures, lighting, physics, particles, blah blah blah. What about gameplay? How about a new and interesting way to interact with the gaming world. Quit giving me the same controller we’ve been using since the SNES and then modified by the Playstation. Four face buttons’, two analog sticks and a bunch of shoulder buttons cant be the peak of the gaming controller. In fact it isn’t. The Wii U gamepad is proof of that. It offers a new way to interact with the game your playing and if developers really get a hold of that concept we could really be in for some of the best gaming experiences since the analog stick was added to home consoles in the 90’s. Just look at the use of the Wii U gamepad in Nintendoland or Zombie U. If you played those games with just a standard controller then they probably wouldn’t even deliver the same experience. So what are Sony and Microsoft going to do? Just give us better graphics? Then what? Kinect was a good start. It just didn’t work. If Microsoft can perfect the idea of Kinect and make it work seamlessly with their new console than the next Xbox could be a huge success with both casual consumers and the “core”. What will Sony do? I doubt it has anything to do with Move 2.0. What is going to convince the mass market to commit to buying a new console if all it does is beef up the visuals? Of course the “hard core” will buy in to them but the casual needs a hook to reel them in. One thing is for sure is that 2013 will be interesting for the gaming industry. Will new consoles with bigger and better specs alone drive the industry forward? Will Nintendo become irrelevant? I guess only time will tell. Until then folks, tune in next time and i want to know what makes Wii U Mad?


Will they disappoint? Or will it be mind blown?


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