Why it’s a good thing G4 tv was cancelled.



As most of you probably know already, G4tv will be re-branded in 2013 as an upscale men’s channel. Here’s why that’s a good thing.

When G4tv first launched, without a doubt it catered to the gaming crowd with shows like Arena, Cinematech, Portal, and Cheat among countless others. If you loved the gaming industry then G4tv had something for you. Remember Icon’s? Sometime in 2005 after a change in management, the network decided to adopt a more male-centered approach and ditch its gaming roots. The next thing we knew we were bombarded with re-runs of Cop’s, Star Trek, Worlds crappiest police chases and so on. Even shows like Attack of the Show seemed to loose the plot, focusing more on antics than gaming. G4tv became sort of what Spike tv is now. This may have brought in more ratings (read $) for the network but it was a disservice to the gaming audience that had helped make the network what it was. In my opinion the only bright spot in the network was Electric Playground and X-Play. Although i feel Morgan Webb was sort of a Nintendo hater. So why is the re-branding a good thing you ask?

Simple. We’re better off without G4tv. Many people outside of the gaming industry tend to look down on it and see it as childish and immature while many within the industry are trying to paint a picture of growth and maturity. Well it doesn’t help the cause when you have a network that is supposed to be dedicated to the industry portraying itself as network for prepubescent or even slightly post pubescent (if that’s even a proper term) man children. I mean they aired the porn convention just weeks after airing E3. Seriously. How could anyone watch the G4 network and take the industry seriously? They couldn’t. Even i stopped watching as i’m sure many of you did. The question to ask now is if there can ever be such a network that is solely dedicated to gaming while remaining fun and entertaining yet paying absolute respect to the industry and the people who drive it.

I believe that answer is a definite yes. The real question is will there be a network willing to take the risk in devoting time and money to developing such programming. Who would the most likely candidate be? How bout Sci-fi? Sorry. SyFy. Would programming dedicated to gaming  fit in with shows like Face-Off and Monster man? Spike tv? Or how about a series of Hulu plus exclusive gaming shows? One thing is for sure, what ever network in the future decides to take on this endeavor should really reach out to the gaming community. How about getting some of the big sites like Gametrailers, IGN and Kotaku involved? How about some of the smaller guys who have dedicated gaming channels on social network sites such as Youtube. Those places are were the talent and passion for the industry is in my opinion. I think the gaming industry needs a strong and correct representation in the mainstream media. Lets just hope it wont be too long before someone dares to replicate and surpass the early success of Tech Tv and the G4 network.

As always i want to hear your thought’s on the subject and tell me…what makes WiiU Mad?


Rest in peace my old friend. R.I.P.


2 thoughts on “Why it’s a good thing G4 tv was cancelled.

  1. It saddens me a bit to learn G4 was cancelled, but it had become a shell of its former self. At the very end it became a place to watch COPS, and Lost reruns. Although watching Oliva Munn was fun while it lasted, I’ll miss my crazy asian.

    • I used to love G4 when it was Tech Tv. They had more shows dedicated to gaming. Then it just became too childish for me. Maybe another network will come along some day and do things right. Who knows.

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