Trine 2: My first review

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This is one beautiful game


The story of Trine 2 revolves around three companions being led on an adventure by a mysterious force know as the Trine. Our hero’s consist Amadeus the wizard,  Pontius the knight, and  Zoya the thief. A talking flower tasks our hero with finding her sister. Yup, a talking flower.You will follow the three hero’s on their journey as they battle goblins, giant spider’s and the occasional  giant boss in an effort to save the day. Or maybe save a princess, who know’s.

Score 5/10 5 being average. not poor. 


This is were Trine 2 really shines. Each of the three characters has their unique abilities. The wizard can summon objects like metal boxes and platforms that can then be levitated and manipulated to help with solving puzzles and clearing jumps more easily. This works extremely well when your playing online. Just seeing the different ways players will come up with to help each other out in situations is a blast. Then there is the thief who is the most nimble of the group and uses arrows and a grappling hook. She can swing across chasms and snipe enemies from a distance. Last but not least the knight. Pure melee combat and the ability to put up a shield for defense gives this character a distinct advantage over the others. When playing alone you will constantly switch between characters to solve puzzles and complete tasks. Although you may have a go to guy, you probably wont stick to that one character for far too long.

Score 8/10


Now when playing online things get a lot more interesting. Lets say your stuck andclear clear a jump. Simply just turn into the wizard, create and summon a box allowing your fellow player to jump on it and be levitated to safety. In return he can (if he’s nice) do the same for you allowing you to join him on the other side. Another example would be if you were trying to hold up a draw bridge using the wizards ability but a fire spitting plant keeps hawking flame balls at you. No problem. While one player uses the wizard to hold up the bridge another uses the knight to shield him from the fire attacks allowing the third player to successfully escape. Make sense? Good.

Score 8/10

Visual Fidelity



This game is gorgeous. Trine 2 boast’s some of the most beautifully rendered backgrounds seen in any video game this gen. Sure its an indie game but its time for people in this industry to stop saying that as if its a bad word. Simply put, this indie game is one of the best games on the Wii U platform and that’s saying a lot. The characters are detailed and fluid in animation. While not the greatest looking models when viewed up close, they still are impressive. It’s the backgrounds that really though. From lush forest’s to to sandy deserts Trine 2’s visuals never disappoint especially in the lighting and texture detail. In later stages of the game i was completely floored by the visuals. Just wait till you get to the Goblin Menace chapters.

Score 8/10

Extra Credit

Let me take a minute to talk about the extra content that you get when you purchase the WiiU version of Trine 2. First off you get the Goblin Menace DLC included. This includes a new short campaign tasking the hero’s to face of against the leader of the Goblin’s. While short, the DLC will provide you with enough to keep you satisfied. Speaking of the Goblin Menace the visuals in those levels exceed those in the main campaign. One in particular features some of the best texturing iv’e ever seen. Period. Now lets move on to controls. Iv’e played the PS3 version and it plays great but being able to use the Wii U’s gamepad to draw the wizards majestic boxes with your finger or stylus as you would on an ipad changes things quite a bit. For starters its much more intuitive. In fact trying to pull off the same ability using the analog stick felt cumbersome in comparison. Lets also mention the fact that the Wii U version, outside of the PC version clearly looks the best.

Score 7/10


Trine 2 is an amazing game regardless of which platform you play it on. Great gameplay, fun online co-op and awesome visuals make this a must have game for any console. It doesn’t hurt that the Wii U version packs a few extras and better visuals making it the definitive version.

Final Score 7/10 Remember…this isn’t IGN or Gametrailers so a 7 means the game is damn good by my standard.


Yeah..see what i mean? Gorgeous!!!


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