The Hip-Hop Gamer. Why he’s underrated and why game journalism needs him.



Who’s this guy you ask? You know who he is. If you don’t then let me introduce him.

Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing…the Hip!…Hop! Gamer!!

If you haven’t checked out his site or seen any of his video’s then you should. Let’s talk about why he’s an underrated journalist and why game journalism needs him. We’ll start with what he has working against him.

His Hip-Hop, or thuggish nature. Let’s be honest. When you think of video game journalist you probably immediately start to picture guys like Geoff Keighly and Adam Sessler. Clean cut, well spoken and somewhat charming. How bout a guy who talks with a street slang? Wears a do-rag? Raps and sports a WWE championship belt complete with a spinning logo to represent his status among gaming’s elite journalist? Doesn;t quite fit into the mold of the cookie cutter image your used to right?


Answer his question,fool!

I’m gonna tell you this. I have a lot of respect for this man as a journalist. He’s got heart. When you watch his video’s and not just listen but hear what he has to say you will begin to see the passion he has for the industry. Not everyone has given him a fair shot though. Believe it or not i have read post’s oh his site were he was called “nigger”. Seriously?! Yet he didn’t let the negativity stop him. I think when people look at him and lets be honest, they see a black man from the “hood” and dismiss him. You know what though. This guy gets the goods. From one on one’s with developer’s to the big show’s like E3 i have watched him grow. He recently just celebrated 5 years in the industry and here is why that’s a good thing.

Game journalism these days often seem right out bought sold to the big publisher’s. Games’s that are sequels to last years sequels of the sequel that came the year before it get all the attention and praise. Granted games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed are well deserving of the spotlight they often aren’t innovating at all. Yet they score highly. Let a game come out that dares to be different or God forbid that game be for a nintendo platform and watch the venom spew. When Hip-Hop gamer did a show on Zombie U he addressed some issues. (ill post the link and his review at the end of the article) Hip-Hop gamer touched on the fact that several of the major gaming sites practically pissed on the game review wise for absolutely no reason but bias alone. I’m sure you guys have seen the reviews and they are all over the map but if you talk to anyone (consumer) that’s played it and they will tell you they love it. Nintendo Miiverse is prime example of that. The big sites dismissed the game based on what they were expecting from another franchise like COD. Its like these guys are just going through the motions and collecting a check at the end of the day. The passion is gone. This is were i was impressed by the Hip-Hop gamer. He made this statement…

“Everyone Wants To Be A Critic Without Having A Heart To Be In The Business”

So true. That’s why i love the indie game journalism scene. The guys on youtube and the guys that host blogs have the heart just maybe not the resources that the big guys do. It’s my opinion and hope that i see the Hip-Hop gamer do bigger and better things in this industry in the coming years. Support him cause he represents you (the consumer) well. So this was my opportunity to give credit to whom credit is due. As always i want to here from you guys and let me know what makes WiiU mad?

So here are those links.

(zombie U impressions “ign gamespot two birds killed with one stone”)

(zombie U review)


4 thoughts on “The Hip-Hop Gamer. Why he’s underrated and why game journalism needs him.

  1. Great article… I concur…

  2. He needs to work for PlayStation obviously lol. I wiuldnt trust his views on anything else

  3. lol he actually did a good job defending nintendo and zombie u recently. check out the links

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