Ladies and gentlemen. Introducing…


Hello fellow gamers. Its me. WiiUmad. Yes i know that name has become a catch phrase or meme or what ever the hell u wanna call it. I picked cause i like it. Get over it. Now on to business. I decided it was finally time to put my two cents into the internet gaming community. Personally i’m pretty sick of the mainstream gaming media today. The so called game journalist seem to have lost the plot. To be honest ive been sort turned off of gaming when ever i begin to  soak in all of the opinions and criticisms of the gaming media. Its not until i pick up a controller and the feeling comes back to me. The feeling of just enjoying my damn console without having to hear about specs and shaders and mature rated gaming. Thats why i appreciate what Nintendo is doing with Miiverse. Its by gamers for gamers. No BS! Just real opinions from real gamers. With that said…im gonna be calling out the industry on its BS. Yes…names will be dropped and asses will be taken. Wait..i think i got that backwards. Anyways. Look im not professional journalist. Im not trying to get a gig at IGN. Im just a gamer with a love for the industy and a point of view. You may not like my opinions. We may not always agree. But i will keep it real with you. Well thats my intro. Take it for what it is. Ok so my first topic will be about all the wii U hate. Stay tuned for that. It should be up very soon. Till then i want to throw out some shout outs. You may know these guys from their youtube channels and they inspired me to do this. DrTre81, Darkcloud1983, Reviewtechusa and hip hop gamer. Check these guys out on youtube. Show your support. Anyways, im tired of writing. I wanna hear from you guys. Post your thoughts on the current state of gaming. What makes wiiumad?


2 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen. Introducing…

  1. i always wanted to do a blog about gaming but i dont have the time available so ill just read yours!

  2. lol. yeah time is a requirement. although a blog can just be your daily thoughts on something. check out my recent post about Steam

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